by datmlechick-1d

Harry and Louis have been in a secret relationship for a while and one day during a radio interview Harry lets slip that he has a boyfriend who is revealed to be Louis. It’s during the day while Louis’ teaching and a lot of the students find out from twitter or something while they’re in his class.

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by hilourry

"Louis’ small hands come up to brush the inked birds on Harry’s chest.

“Represents freedom, something we never got,” Louis whispers sadly. Harry nods solemnly, taking Louis’ hands in his.”

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by theclosetoffog

Harry was invisible. He had his friends, and he had a crush. Namely on Mr. Popular, Louis Tomlinson. He was fine with watching and wanting Louis from a distance, but his friends were tired of seeing him so miserable. So with the knowledge of Louis’ fondness for bad boys in leather they set about turning shy little Harry into the man of Louis’ dreams. 

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by hazzabearfiction

Louis is afraid of what people think when he and Harry interact in public, because he’s afraid of coming out. Harry understands, of course he does, until fear gets the better of Louis, and they stop interacting altogether.

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