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Hello hello! This might be one in probably hundreds of asks, but just to let you know I'm always here if you need someone to vent to and I'll listen to your problems no matter how big or small or ridiculous. Just ignore them, mkay? I feel like throwing something funny into this ehehehe. Also I love your icon! -Your friendly Tumblrhood Frosty

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Which character is your favourite and why?

"Altair, Ezio and Desmond. Each of them has been thrown into hardships that they were unprepared for but came through in the end. Altair with losing his rank and finding out his master was a templar, Ezio with his whole family being murdered in the most horrible way and losing the love of his life, Desmond with being captured by the templars and suddenly burdened by the fate of mankind in his hands. Each of them went through such pain yet they keep on striving for the good of mankind. Yet, they are never famed for it and no one will ever know what they have done for mankind."

The Codex of the Tumblrhood

Page I

The Tumblrhood is the title of the Assassin’s Creed fandom on Tumblr. It is a portmanteau of the website it is located in (Tumblr) and the Assassin faction in Assassin’s Creed (The Brotherhood).

The sole purpose of the Tumblrhood is to bring together the fans of Assassin’s Creed through the website of Tumblr. Members or “Assassins” are not required to undergo any demanding initiation (although, it is advised that new members “perform” a Leap of Faith at least once). If you are a fan of Assassin’s Creed and you have a Tumblr, welcome to the Tumblrhood!

May the future grant you safety and peace, fellow Assassins. 


1) The Tumblrhood is meant to refer to ALL TYPES of Assassin’s Creed fans on Tumblr, it is not a group of “Elitists”. It is meant to include ALL FANS and does not intend to discriminate.

2) Tumblrhood Codex Pages may get you more followers, but it will not grant you more health.

3) All Codex Pages of the Tumblrhood, when put together, will NOT form a magic treasure map that leads to Templar gold. ANYONE that argues otherwise is most likely a Templar/Abstergo Agent.

A Work in Progress, calling all Assassins!

So, it begins…




The Codex of the Tumblrhood is currently in its very early stages of outlining and drafting. What it currently needs is YOU. Yes, YOU, the rank and file blogs of the Tumblrhood.

Please take a moment to look over the early outline of the Codex and submit content for established Pages or send in a Page Idea! Please no hurtful/negative/hate comments, but criticism is welcome (to a degree).

Not all submissions/ideas may make it into the Codex, but please do not take it personally. All ideas are welcome!

All submission should be sent to the ACFans page or the current author of the Tumblrhood Codex Outline assassins-and-tributes.

Understand? Bene!

Haha, I actually think this looks like some intense AC fan love. But I dig it. What do you think, fellow assassins? 

Let's take this moment to appreciate PC gamers and anyone who can't get AC:R on November 15th.

The wait for the latest game is killing us, so I think PC gamers and those who can’t get AC:R immediately are feeling left out. We don’t want that, do we? Kudos to them because they have to avoid spoilers/put up with us freaking out over the initial release.