Qué hipster me estoy volviendo: Tumblreando —¿Tumblreando? ¿En serio?— desde el móvil a las 5 menos 20 de la madrugada. Sólo me faltaría que fuera un iPhone…, o un Samsung…, o relativamente bueno…
Necesito un móvil nuevo.

elinuts ha dicho: Pues bien, valecita :’D Aquí Tumblreando mientras diseño unas cosas para la facultad. Todavía estoy retomando el ritmo de la vida post-tesis :B entonces me la paso adelantando cosas y reuniéndome otra vez con gente x’D Como vas tú?

; ; Awwww me alegra que de a poco vayas recobrando tu ritmo después de esa monstruosidad (?????), te lo mereces en serio u u!!! Yo andaba tonteando un rato en tumblr antes de irme a dormir -se irá en un rato (?)-.


CINEPLEX: Do you consider yourself — method is a silly word for a very complicated idea — but are you somebody that’s constantly in character even after the camera is off?
MADS MIKKELSEN: Absolutely not. I’m the exact opposite. I take great pride in jumping in to my character and leaving it very fast. If not, it’s so pretentious. I don’t understand what it is. But that doesn’t mean you don’t take it seriously. Certainly, emotional things you’ve done should stay with you for a while. But insisting that your kids should call you a different name?That is a disease.

yeah Mads, it shows clearly

(x) (x)


 “He loves fine art. He is a three-piece- suit man. He loves classical music. He hates everything that is banal. And he loves the beauty of everything that’s refined. He’s trying to make friends with people, so I can’t play that one card of being evil. It has to be hidden.” – On Hannibal

"He loves footbal. He is Adidas Man. He loves Punk Rock. He loves to make a fool. He loves scruffiness. He don’t want make new friends. He play all the cards… in poker" - On Mads… (sorry =P)