gpoyw - the me and my internet friend edition.

Last weekend, Marianne was in Athens. I was as giddy as a school girl in anticipation of this adventure. When I finally got to the bar she was at it was a full on run and embrace. Then we spent the rest of the evening in a perpetual state of connectedness. We drank Dixieland Iced Teas and beers and shots a plenty. We laughed and laughed. Her friends chanted my last name because apparently before they came downtown all she had done was talk about me. And about how I was a pipsqueak! They all thought I was going to be Snooki-sized! I’m short but a normal short, not a weird short. Marianne dipped out around 1am, but it was fine because I probably needed to go home. I think the funniest part about it was when her friends kept asking how I knew her. My answer was always just “it’s a long story.” At one point she told one of them how we actually knew one another. I thought that friend was gonna fall down from laughter. Internet friends turned IRL friends, ftw.

muka siyang patay at walang buhay. . 

muka lang! 

hindi siya suicidal at di niya trip talaga ito.. 

Pero udyok ng kapalaran ang humubog sa pagkatao niya at tayo ang tumulak kaya siya nabuwal ng ganito…

At gobyerno ang lumamon sa kaluluwa nito.

Roomie and I went to the Gymdogs meet this afternoon. Operation: “Oh Shit You’re Graduating Do A Million Things You Can Only Do As A Student/In Athens" is fully underway. Roomie won a fifty dollar gift card to the bookstore for doing the chicken dance. We were both on the big screen. It was a little embarrassing.

Also, as we’re walking around the outside of the coliseum I full on walk into Maggie. Two tumblrs in real life in one weekend? Whaaaa? You could totally tell we recognized each other right away too. I hugged her, duh. I’m too predictable. And I still love hugs. Great to finally “meet” you, Maggie!


Last week, as I was deep in the trenches trying to explain my deep love and commitment to breakfast foods and as I was wrapping up my last days at work… I got an email from a friend asking to meet up for an AM meal. 

Big Deal, right? 


Abby and I go back a little ways… back to the time of my Start Something That Matters book giveaway many, many moons ago. I was giving away the book… and she randomly won. We sent a few emails back and forth and… well. We became friends. Tumblr originally brought us together, but our mutual love of good food and adventure proved to be too much for these tiny Tumblr walls. We each kept up with the others adventures over the years through blogging and Instagram and then… she came to Athens. Friendship truly complete. 

Because I had a few days off in between my old job and starting my new one, the timing was absolutely perfect. We headed to the Athens Best Breakfast place, Mama’s Boy, and spent a few hours talking Life over hot coffee and delicious grits, french toast, and goat cheese scramblers. Abby is an incredible person and I’m thankful to this little weird internet community for bringing us together. 

This is what I call Tumblreality, and it’s a beautiful thing. You know. As long as the person doesn’t kidnap you. 

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puso’t dalita….