"For something plain, pair it with something printed"

Just one of the basics in dressing up yet I followed it. A plain blue bandage skirt is compatible with a black printed pullover. Going to the mall this evening made the manager from the food chain ask me whether I’m already working or not. Hah! I must look like a BA graduate I guess. So this outfit has been worn only twice in my life.

So sorry if it didn’t work on an audience. I must admit this is my first “ootd” upload. 


Her eyes twinkle like stardust do. With a smile on her face,those pixie eyes look at you. They look at you as if everything is okay. They look at you and they look away. But believe me, that sparkling eye tells a lie. Behind those lovely stars, I see that lassie cry. But that lie is to keep you from being blue. Persuading pain and selfishness to hide was all she could do. Yet fear not when she says ‘I’m okay’ even if she hardly is for this she did, this is just for you, all for you and for her too, simply because that lassie with those pixie eyes, DO LOVE YOU.