I have found the Tumblr Anthem.

It’s that weepy emotional kind of day when all I could think of is how had it been anybody playing Brittany and Santana other than Heather and Naya, there wouldn’t be Brittana or any storyline revolving around them. None of us would be here witnessing this beautiful love and I’m just so so happy that it’s them and this happened.


March Eridan is only a joke if you make it a joke. You enjoy Eridan in cute dresses & skirts? There’s not a thing wrong with that.

  • mbf dean and sam
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  • must get at least 40 notes or this will never happen
  • one winner and two runner ups
  • ends on 31th march
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Runner ups:

  • 2 individual promos per request
  • a gifset from each of us per request
  • +f from both of us if not already
  • love&friendship <3

Can you guys PLEASE send nice and supportive messages to this lovely ARMY hellabangtan . This year we lost a lovely ARMY too and I don’t know you , but I don’t want to live the sad things I lived at that time. I know our messages right now are nothing for her because as I read in her text she knows how to do right now with her life at that age .. too young , but at least let’s try to avoid the tragic final she wants to do. We can do it ARMYs!

I’m trying to learn to break things down into little manageable achievements, so my goals for the rest of today are:
- Finish redrafting my essay
- Glue some stuff to a mood board for drama
- Make myself look more badass (aka Where The Heck Did I Put My Eyeliner)
- Go out for a bit
- Buy sweets
- Watch a movie