I really hate to join the debate over the dress, but I’ve never found it explained as easy to understand. mostly I’m here to say:

Some people are steadfastly insisting it’s not one way or another:

Some are a little too strong in their position:

Some people are closer to:

I’m in the position of

But too many marriages have been ruined by this dress. I decided to make it a step simpler and took away the background:

And it is clear now that the two dresses are the same color. 

It is merely the contrast of the sunlight from behind and the blue shadow, it cause the mind to see different things based on the assumption of what the light is doing to the picture.

It’s an optical illusion. Like the illusion above, your mind makes assumptions and you see different things when you look at it. Above is not a perfect example but hopefully you understand.

Here is another that might hep you see:

Despite how it looks, Square A is the same shade of grey as square B. Like in the dress photo, your brain compensates for the lighting, and it appears a different shade.

Your brain refuses to agree with the photons on a picture like this because the shadow makes it appear darker in real life, and you compensate and think it’s a lighter shade. 

You might not understand completely, (lord knows no one does) but basically all I’m really trying to say here is


Vertoscope is an all-new original comics anthology that specializes in beasts, villains, shadows, and anything else you might find by taking the wrong way home. The theme of the book is “antagonist as protagonist” — to look at things from the perspective of the evil eye, or simply getting into the shoes of someone mundanely hateful. From the Minotaur at the center of the Labyrinth to the bully who always has to find someone smaller to pick on, Vertoscope seeks to tell stories that bypass shiny heroes and investigate the colder characters in our fictional universes.

Vertoscope is seeking story proposals from March 1, 2015, until April 5, 2015.

Who are we?

We are Ten Van Winkle [ xvw-art ] and Nechama Frier [ soltian​ ], card-carrying professional comics artists and lovers of the grittier side to storytelling. We’ve curated and participated in a number of group projects already, and can’t wait to share our first book project with you all!

What are we looking for?

  • Black and white sequential art
    Think graphic novels and comic books! Please, no pinups or prose for the purpose of this anthology. The book will be printed without color, so consider this in your planning!
  • Complete creative teams
    We will accept stories from solo artists as well as teams, but please be sure to have your partnership ready to submit when you send in your proposal.
  • 8-15 page stories
    Our page count goal is between 150-200 pages, and we are seeking up to 15 artists to fill them.
  • Original stories
    No fan art or parodies! Retelling or elaboration on fairy tales/folk lore will be considered, but make sure it has your distinct style to it. We will also not be accepting work that has previously been published.
  • Theater-friendly content
    While we extol the brink of propriety, for the purpose of this project please don’t pitch anything that would be rated higher than R/M.
  • Intimate character studies that examine rather than excuse villainy
    Vertoscope is about getting behind the lens of those who do wrong, not turning a wrong-doer into a wronged party. We are not looking for redemption arcs. Go dark, go deep.

What are we offering you?

  • Monetary Compensation
    All participating creators/creative teams will be paid $50/page for each page of their story, with the possibility of bonuses if we meet stretch goals via Kickstarter.
  • Inclusion in a softcover anthology
    Upon completion of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the anthology will be printed as a paperback collection to be distributed amongst creators, backers, and comics distributors. Please keep in mind that upon publication of the book, Vertoscope will hold exclusive publishing rights of accepted stories for one year before they are returned to you.
  • Ten copies of Vertoscope
    Every creator/creative team will receive ten copies of the final book at no charge. Extra copies of Vertoscope will be made available to contributors at production price rather than retail.


  • March 1 - April 5, 2015: Proposals open
  • April 12, 2015: Story selections announced
  • September 12, 2015: Final artwork due
  • October 2015 (est): Kickstarter campaign launches
  • February 2016 (est): Vertoscope released into the wild!

Sounds great! How do I submit?

Please submit all proposals using this form.

We can’t wait to read your proposals and check out your work! If you have any questions about Vertoscope, please feel free to get in touch:

Soltian - [soltian at gmail] | ask | twitter
Ten - [vanwinkle at lannyhuang dot com] | ask | twitter

Happy brainstorming, and best of luck!


I have found the Tumblr Anthem.

It’s that weepy emotional kind of day when all I could think of is how had it been anybody playing Brittany and Santana other than Heather and Naya, there wouldn’t be Brittana or any storyline revolving around them. None of us would be here witnessing this beautiful love and I’m just so so happy that it’s them and this happened.


The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble go to the leisure planet of Midnight for a simple, relaxing vacation. However, life with the Doctor can never be that simple, and things go horribly wrong for the Doctor when he decides to go off on a bus trip to see the Sapphire Waterfall, starting with the bus shutting down. When a mysterious entity infiltrates the shuttle bus, no one is to be trusted. Not even the Doctor himself…