Happy Valentine’s Day from indihaitian




I just looked at him. And my future gazed back, my home and my comfort. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to. I just looked at him. And I fell in love again, I do every day. He simply returned my smile, the smile put on my face, born of his own love. I just looked at him. So simply, and I knew his were the only eyes I ever wanted to look into.

There is something special about putting your heart into everything that you do, a speciality that is stemmed from the perfume of passion and molds the statue of success. Life can be stubborn when it comes to providing you moments where the journey is always smooth, like it is begging for you to walk through your fair share of bumps, in order for you to learn how to avert them next time. It’s so easy to focus on the arduous moments in life and title every other futuristic moment arduous, too. Yes, it is true life may be hard but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is impossible. Putting your powerful, beautiful heart into something that the world wants you to keep your heart out of is what will save you from failure. We fear of failure so much, but how can we fail if we donated every inch of our heart to the task? If you put your all, including your heart, into a mess life will give you, it is impossible for you to fail.

Your heart is one of the most important things that can define your identity, for it reveals what it beats for and what it doesn’t beat for. Your heart exposes who you truly are to strangers, those who are ineligible in defining you but those who are good at observing you. Every action you perform originates from the heart and it is known that your actions have voices that words can’t even speak. It isn’t about the harmony in your voice but it’s about the melody in your actions. It’s about the way exemplify the ideal image of genuine kindness. It’s about if your hand is a helping one or if it’s a hand to abuse. It’s about the way you treat someone on their worst day, and most importantly, how you treat yourself on your worst day. It’s about the way you own up to your mistakes instead of convincing yourself that you should live under excuses. It’s about the way you appreciate the thing that the world seems to dismiss. It’s about the way you give even when you have little and how you give when you have a lot. It’s about the way you stand right back up even with boulders on your shoulders. It’s about the way your heart is fashioned and if you are a good stylist or not.

The heart is important because your identity is hidden inside of it. Whether people want to realize this or not, your heart is one of the most important things that can define you. Not only is your definition hidden within its shape, but your best is hidden inside of it, too. Our hearts reflect our actions and some of those actions are the best ones we could ever perform. The highest value of what we can give exists but it is up to us whether we want to give it or not. Our best may not be the best but if it’s all we have, then that’s what people should want to receive. You cannot give what you do not own, so why not make it easy and give your all rather than someone else’s all?

The world expects so many things from us rather than expecting what our hearts are willing to offer. The world expects us to be the richest, the smartest, the greatest, the prettiest, the biggest, the better, and more. They want anything that we admit to not having when what we do have is all they really need.

You do not need to be the greatest, you just need to be your greatest. What is your greatest? It’s the most valuable thing that’s in your heart. Reach for it! Grasp it! Show it to the world!

The test you have to take next week? Give it your best. Study for it! Prepare for it! Know that your best is not to be graded, no matter who the teacher is! It’s not about the result of your best, but it’s about the fact that you were willing to give it.

The strenuous semester that your grade is taunting you with? Give it your best to make it better! Strengthen your weaknesses! Strengthen your strengths! Give it your absolute best! Do everything that you can until you can’t do anymore. Giving something other than your best will result in your exhaustion but giving your best is equivalent to getting a good night’s sleep.

Your heart is what defines you and if you don’t like the definition, change it! Soften your heart towards things it is hardened by and harden your heart towards things it shouldn’t be softened by. Give your all, give your everything, and give your best because whatever your heart can give is the best thing anyone could ever receive.

—  you cannot fail if you give everything you can to succeed