On Feminism, Anti-Feminism, and Angry Angry Bloggers

Did you know that it’s totally okay to be a feminist? Did you know it’s totally okay to not be a feminist? Did you know some feminists disagree with other feminists, and that’s okay? Same goes for anti feminists.
Actually the majority of “I am a feminist” and “I’d rather not call myself a feminist” folks I’ve met are quite reasonable, kind people who are Not sexist/racist/etc.

So don’t be discouraged, there’s plenty of those people out there. They’re just.. A lot harder to find on tumblr.

the funniest thing about the “practicing lesbian witchcraft” meme with tumblr feminists is that its played as a joke but then its like. actually true

Zone Defense?

To the anti-feminists, egalitarians, men’s rights activists, meninists, humanists, equalists, and equity feminists of tumblr:

For the most part we’re all on the same page. We know that the wage gap is a myth, that the 1-in-4 figures are laughably inaccurate, that men are behind in education and get 63% longer prison sentences for the same crime. 

But every day there’s a new crop of misandrists and SJWs and gender feminists and militant-minded teenagers stuffed full of propaganda from the echo chamber and asking each of us the exact same questions that we’re all getting tired of answering. 

"What about rape culture? What about patriarchy? Power + privilege! NAFALT! 97% of rapists never go to jail! Where’s my 23 cents?"

It’s a Zerg rush. And if we continue to address them one by one we will never made headway. What if we switched from one-to-one defense to zone?

Who would be interested in taking one tag, say “rape culture” or “wage gap” fro example, and countering every single misinformed post on that tag? Make up one standard reply form like the ones found in masterposts and sidebars we all know and love, and use that standard reply for each misinformed post there is. 

I really think that one of us, two at the most, could counter every single fallacious ‘wage gap’ post on this web site. One or two for NAFALT. Circumcision, “2% of accusations”, “misandry don’t real”, domestic abuse… we could get as specific or general as we need to.

Start new blogs to keep ahead of the block lists, and educate them all. Full coverage, full coordination. There’s enough of us to do this, we just need to work as a unit. We could correct every lie, expose every fallacy. 


anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the new Ghostbusters movie being all women? The tumblr feminists and SJWs are already calling everyone that isn't a fan of it sexist pigs.

Well, the only thing they’ve announced is the cast. I can’t really say much until a trailer is out.

-The Canadian One

I am so embarrassed at the behavior of my fellow white tumblr feminists rn with this Agent Carter thing. I don’t even watch the show, but the excuses and arguments being put forward are horrible. You’re not even bothering to notice the same tired racist script you’re borrowing from previous generations, insisting we’ll never get anywhere if women of color don’t sit down and let white women throw them under the bus. No wonder so many people of color distrust white feminists so much.

We’re better than this, y’all. People of color deserve better from us. This is not solidarity you’re promoting. This is not intersectionality. Stop and listen. Listen to the feedback you’re getting. Then listen to the self-centeredness and racism in the arguments you’re making.

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Could you tell me how feminism is anti equality ? Show these feminists what's up, honestly. They keep bragging "WE'RE AN EQUALITY MOVEMENT" but do otherwise. As well as set up a few examples? That would be cool.

Man kills himself after feminists constantly stop him from getting access to money to build a shelter for abused men

Feminists raise money to spread awareness about ‘manspreading’ instead of something important

Feminist terrorist group in Iraq who had support from Saddam Hussein

This whiny cunt

I mean, there are also thousands of posts on Tumblr where feminists blatantly say things like “kill all men” or “men are disgusting”. They are all pieces of shit.

Feminist Chelsea gets the privilege. 

Its good that Emma gets the media’s attention but many other black women speak on the topic of feminism much more… Lupita, Laverne and Nicki are just a few. They however aren’t afforded the mass coverage…why?