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why don't you show us what you know about male anatomy and draw us a shirtless Israel? :3

wtf…..u come to my blog, put this in my inbox…………knowing damn well i can’t draw men……the nerve

  • person:*makes a homophobic comment*
  • me:darling you're cute and all
  • friend 1:oh fuck.
  • friend 2:god save them.
  • friend 3:we should probably take cover.
  • me:*explodes like a volcano of facts and statistics and past stories of great warriors with SOURCE while violently slamming hand on whatever surface is near and cries tears of fury*

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So are you just trying to meet every gay tumblr dude on here?


YOU WANNA HANG OUT?????????????????????

GIF Challenge Episode 2


Fury has called a meeting. You are doing what? ( 15th )

{Steve and I don’t understand any references. So we have a sass off.}

An explosion sets off in the middle of the meeting. The first thing you say ( 60th )

{Yeah this ain’t happening bitch}

There is a new villain in town. Whos is he/she/it? ( 42nd )

{ The Emotional Teenager alias David Tennant. So emotional… } 

The team suits up. What’s your costume? ( 43rd )

{I’m currently sporting the Dean Winchester Collection.}

You show up and you see that the villain has Loki hostage! Your reaction? ( 17th )


The teams reaction? ( 22nd )

{Really this lunatic again?}

How does the villain fight? ( 56th )

{Damn. Davids emotional and horney. Been on tumblr recently?}

Your captured! Your reaction? ( 1st )


You are thrown in the same cell as Loki. Your reactions to each other? ( 100th )

{Your right. Let’s change that shall we? Wink wink, nudge nudge.}

To pass the time you catch up. What have you been doing? ( 5th )

{ All day, everyday.}

Him? (6th)

{Well good to see you’re being nice to people.}

Loki leans into your ear to say something but is cut off. By what? ( 53rd)

{ Oh shit! David has set free his army of Tumblr girls!}

The villain enters the cell. He plans to do what with you two? ( 32nd )

{Oh shit. I think David is now shipping us. We have now become his OTP}


~~~~~~~~Yeah David is now being renamed Tumblr Dude as his villain name.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Loki GIF Challenge Episode 3


You and Loki are being walked down a hallway. Tumblr Dude opens a door and pushes you inside. Whats inside? (30th GIF)

{Tobuscus, okay I’ll accept that} 

Meanwhile the Avengers (14th GIF)

{How dare you be sassy without me! Sassy Steve how could you!}

You are now alone in the room. What are you doing? (69th GIF)

{We criticize the way they redecorated}

Loki has an idea to get out. What is it? (43rd GIF)

{We make Tumblr Dude cry. That’s gonna be easy}

You both successfully execute it. What’s both of your reactions? (15th GIF)

{Eat this Bitches!}

You look at each other. Then you… (27th GIF)


Suddenly the Avengers arrive! Finally! Their reaction to whatever you two were doing. (50th GIF)

{ (Okay first of all, I can’t believe this actually happened like this) }

Tumblr Dude has found all of you! His reaction (33rd GIF)

{ Sorry, that’s just how it is. Now die!}

Time to fight! What do you use as a weapon? (22nd GIF)

{I put Loki’s last gift to me to work. In the first episode}

Tumblr Dude is defeated. However before he’s done he stabs one of you! Who is it? ( Put a GIF of all the characters in one folder and pick a the 3rd GIF)


To be continued……

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Hello. Have you read any stony aou fics?

Hi there! I have read a couple aou fics (I just couldn’t not read new ones) so here you go:

Run Program: {x} by Amuly

Summary:  Taking care of Tony is a lot of work. Especially when you’ve only got one arm. And your code dates back to the 1980s. (two part series)

Come Back Home by capsmightyshield

Summary: Steve let Tony leave knowing he would miss his scientist, and Tony left knowing he would miss his super soldier. A chance, or not so chance, meeting at an old dive bar brings the two back together and finally gives the two what they’ve been missing the most. Home.

Wash It All Away by ann2who

Summary: Steve hummed, looking up at him. “All right. Strip.”
Tony blinked at him. “Excuse me?”
“Can’t very well wash your clothes while you wear ‘em,” he said and held out a hand expectantly.

Hammer Talk by ohmyloki

Summary Steve and Tony talk about worthiness and Thor’s hammer.

In the Early Dawn by starspangledsprocket

Summary: Steve and Tony have to share a bed. They use this as an opportunity to talk. Talking leads to more.

Everyday, With Someone New by thecursingviolinist

Summary: Tony takes care of Steve the only way he knows how.

I think it goes without say that these fics have spoilers of the movie so don’t read them if you hate that sort of thing. Anyway the lovely dailysuperhusbands made an aou fic rec you should totally check it out. Enjoy!

Happy Happy Birthday JORGIA SOLIS  Oy, sabi ko nga sayo dapat di kita babatiin dito kaso request mo naman, gi'copy paste ko na lang yung sa message ko sa facebook dito. tapos kasi dito sa tumblr di mo pinansin yung last ta ko. tsk. at baka di mo na binubuksan ang blog mo. hays. halos lampas isang taon na tayo magkakilala at magkaibigan. natatandaan mo ba yung first tc natin nila kuya marvs? yung may first pic tayong dalawa. di ko makakalimutan yun kasi kayong dalawa yung unang una kong naging close na lalaking blogger. since then, its been a history. luhwaht. alam ko di na tayo masyado nagkakausap kasi busy ka at busy ako kasi graduating na pero andito pa rin tayo sa isat-isa, kapag may problema ako nandyan ka, kahit *iyak iyak mode* ang peg ko at pinapayuhan moko. yung nakikinig ka sa mga drama ko, hays. you’re such a good listener and a professional bolero forever. diko alam kung mag-aattach bako ng picture mo or ng picture natin together or wag na lang kasi sige na nga naglagay na din ako, pakunswelo ko na sayo. basta ang alam ko lang ako yung pinakaclose mo na blogger na di man maganda, pero cute naman. waht take note of that, okay? i miss you pala, miss ko na ang kili-kilers, yung atc moment natin.

aggggh cant wait to see you again and again. ahm siguro alam mo na wish ko para sayo yung palagi kong sinasabi na mag-asawa kana kaso ang pihikan mo tapos kasing taas mo ang standards mo sa isang babae pero tiwala lang magkakaron ka din ng babae sa buhay mo basta maglandi landi ka sometimes hahahah charot syempre joke lang yon wait ka lang. oh kaya mangseduce ka, i think it will do. joke ulit. basta ano wag kang magbabago sakin?wag moko kakalimutan kunin mokong flower girl.
de, basta marami na akong nasabi about sa friendship natin sa tumblr, yung mga appreciation post ko. mahaba kasi yon, copy paste ko na lang ba? tapos kapag nagkaboyfriend ako ipapaalam ko agad agad sayo. wag kang masyadong excited. de, ano seryoso na. uhm, basta mag-ingat ka dyan, at naghihintay lang ulit ako sa malaking malaking hersheys na cookies n cream. eto na talaga. seryoso na sana forever tayong magkasangga yung kahit wala ng tumblr or facebook andyan pa rin tayo sa isat-isa basta di mawawala ang viber or wechat. mehehebasta kapag malungkot o problemado ako dapat andyan ka lang ha? standby. labyu habebe. ayun lang. Godbless :“> mwa mwa *harthart