sento un vecchietto che canta in dialetto alla sua madonnina
e quando la nebbia scompare in lui mi riconosco
come una goccia nel mare
io mi ritrovo al mio posto

  • the staff:*fucks up*
  • xkit guy:my apologizes for this

THEME #12 - wolfsbane

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
I almost was not in time to release my 12th theme in the 12th month omg… anyway, this is kind of a ‘thank you’ for sticking with me cause -I still can’t believe it???- my blog is turning 2yrs old today! c: (and I say 'kind of’ cause it would never be enough to thank you! c:)

looks better in Chrome, Opera or Safari - even though it works fine with other browsers as well


  1. FOUR sidebar images - each of them is 210x120px;
  2. option to hide/show post captions;
  3. Tags are showing on hover;
  4. Up to 6 custom links - they won’t show if you don’t use all of them;
  5. Posts are 400px or 500px wide;
  6. reblog button on each post;
  7. Everything is super easy to edit in the Appearance section: it means you don’t need to change the code!


  • Don’t remove the credit never ever EVER;
  • DON’T take snippets without giving me the credit;
  • As long as you do this, feel free to edit away! :)

Please LIKE / REBLOG if you are / are planning to use it - or if you just like it :)



Some pages created after messing around with overlay + background. All redirect page with some nice effect and animation. Let me know if I… forgot something or in case glitches occur here.

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SaturDIARY: I’M ON TV // Grace Helbig

In three years there will be all these teenagers who were too young to get into PacRim fandom the first time around, and everything will be so new to them and they’ll go digging around tumblr and ao3 and find all these old posts and fics and drawings that we made and it’ll be like these mysterious ancient relics of the Old Ones, The First Fans and I think that’s awesome