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uhhh do you realize saying spaz, sperg, mental, crazy, retard, etc is really gross and ableist because it is....

1:  I may have said retard in the past but that is not a word that I use anymore and haven’t for quite some time.

2:  Every single insult, no matter how banal is hurtful to someone.  Doesn’t really matter the nature of it.

3:  Please, if THAT has your panties in a bunch, just unfollow me.  If you’re getting upset over something so banal and trivial as someone saying “sperglord” or “spaz” pleaaaaaaaaaaase go outside.

And now I wait for the hate reblogs and anons to pour in.

sinnamonbun said: I’m mentally disabled, and I can tell you, crazy, mental and such words are NOT ableist. Tumblr is just being stupid.

Thank you for that refreshing statement, friend.  Everyone’s just so oversensitive on this site.  Nevermind that it’s a fucking blog for laughing at art, the mod said MENTAL!!! GASP!! WHAT A MONSTER!

sorry if you're all being tagged in blank posts, I'm trying to publish my ff but tumblr’s being stupid :/

Mangaka Yumeno Sakiko and her (his) assistant crew which comprises Sakura, Mikoshiba, Hori and Wakamatsu.


Favorite characters → Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)
❞I love a Scotch that’s old enough to order its own Scotch.❞


When we get a day off, I like to kind of just be left alone to just relax and chill out. This is, like, my graffiti room. I just decided that I wanted to, like, spray-paint the walls. It’s cool, man, because nobody can tell me I can’t. Like, could you imagine if I wanted to do this at my house at home? My mom would be, like, “No way. You’re not spray-painting on my walls. I don’t think so.” Got my own house. I’m like “Course I’m gonna spray-paint on the wall.”

Maybe they’ll give you the wisdom to win this battle.

Happy Birthday, Raye. ♥

Your name is the TH̀E̗̲̮͇͝ ̙̱̬S̡͍͈͙̟̟̜U̳̹̤͙̯̙P̞̤͝E̻R͓N͕̩͙A̱̹̤͍͎ͅT͉̼̹̮U̗̬̹͖͠R͔̺̬̙͍̀A̞͇͇̘͎͞L͔̪͔̻̘̗̱͡ ͉͇̪̯̞F̗̝̘̱̼A̻̥N̛D͖̦̥̞̟O͖M̛͙̙̖̖͍ 

and these losers will certainly regret underestimating you once you find out just what this new form can do. Maybe you should thank Homestuck sometime.


It’s official. I hate .gifs with a burning passion.

They’re always the worst quality in the universe. *grumbles for three years*