(sometimes this anon draws otps)

arceusxjuice forever

ah it’s one of my arceusxjuice shippers i was wondering when the fanart was going to come in for it <3

this looks like a dating sim and it’s hilarious thank you so much anon! you’re the best c:

So I’ll be sending out a birthday card for Nathan Vetterlein on November 25th. I wanna know if people want to sign the card/cartoon thing with it. I’ll upload the final piece on twitter and show it to him. But yeah. Reply, reblog, communicate in some way if you want to sign it when I got it ready.

I would ask people who are considered regulars on his stream but I’d have absolutely no way of asking them without Nate actually seeing it. Mostly because I’m planning to add a little gift to it as well for him. Because… you know. Chat logs exist, and if people post on the ChiliofDestiny steam group, he can read that too so.

You’re looking for a poem to tell
you why your heart is broken
into every piece. You’re looking
for someone to compare all the
ways he didn’t love you to a rose
and how even when it turns
black with death, it’s still lovely.
There aren’t words that will
make your phone’s silence
easier, trust me. You’re alone
tonight and he’s probably
thinking about someone else;
there’s nothing poetic about that.
—  Rebeka Anne, don’t give him the satisfaction of leaving something beautiful behind. your heartbreak isn’t pretty.

Messy scribble of something I’ve surprisingly never done fan art of before despite really liking?….Too lazy to draw the other three though LAUGHS

I’ll upload something that’s actually clean and pretty one day, I…I…promise…

Also Cyborg’s name is really generic I just realised

HESEZRAWR /he-sez-rawr/

  • He - \He\ (h[=e]), pron. [nom. {He}; Man; a male; any male person; — in this sense used substantively. 
  • Sez - “says” \sez\ [v] to express (an idea) in words.
  • Rawr - \roar\ [1] A word that means “I Love You” in dinosaur. -asteroid came and killed them all (HAHAHA)-[2] A primitive sound used to represent a personal feeling. Due to the generic and modular nature of the word, the actual implied meaning varies from person to person.[3] more sexually oriented version of the word “roar”

HESEZRAWR means "He says I love you" it could also be like saying "I love you" to the person who’s reading my blog right now.

that awkward moment when you call us a name and we turn around and own it and make t-shirts of it and coffee mugs and totes so we can raise even more money for that charity drive you so despise. 

lol the jokes on you. 

Where does the name “Tumblr” come from?
“Back when we were starting Tumblr, there was a burgeoning movement in the blogosphere towards a format called ‘tumblelogs’ [a variation on blogs that tends towards shorter stream-of-consciousness posts, often with mixed media]. These are where the initial inspiration for Tumblr came from. We wanted to be the first and best platform for ‘tumblelogs,’ so the name seemed appropriate.” — Tumblr CEO David Karp

Watch on thecandlewasters.tumblr.com

The Candle Wasters talk about how NMTD began.

I’m a very intense person. The way I look in your eyes, my stance, how I walk and choose my words. The way I say your name and the look in my eye that says I need you here.

I have an extremely distinct aptitude for the way I present myself and the energy I give off. It sounds egocentric, but they always remember my name, my mind and the force behind my voice.