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oN A MORE POSITIVE NOTE I MET kyaneki!! (and yarnaguchiis​ who helped me with my wig, but we bearly saw each other at all) They, nicolelebenbrick and I drove all the way to the city the con was in together and almost died of hypothermia after three (THREE!!!) unexpected heavy showers without an umberella and thin clothes and eugh but it was amazing meeting Cho c:

and then

I met super hyper elite trash shotaeren

that was a muthafuckin religious experience, talking to someone about e REn and other tumblr users and the snk chapters and ‘’do you know pocketsizedtitan?’’ and ‘’yeah, tanja! she’s my friend’’ and ‘’OH  my GOSh SHE’S MY SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!’’ and ‘’ *various other members of the elite trash club* and I are gonna make this project where we draw e re N in female clothes’’ and can you believe

can you believe?


Six days left to take part in the “Tumblr - Shingeki No Kyojin Popularity Poll”! Our ask will close monday, june 8th so we can finally, after two months of receiving ask and submissions, determine who’s tumblr’s favorite SNK/AOT character!

Use your last chance to shape the results of this poll by simply sending us your up to five favorite characters of the anime/manga via ask, which won’t get published. or send them in as a submission, so everyone can read why you love your fave so much!

TL;DR: Send in your (up to five) favorite snk/aot characters via ask or submission to take part in our popularity poll!


OMGGG anon you’re so cute to make me laugh so hard omggg lol

you ask a eremika trash that “eremika is complete shit”?? OMG HAHAHAHA LOL

well,as a eremika trash,now that you ask me kindly,
Of course I also generously give you more and more “eremika shit I drew” ^^

BTW,where are your mother?
maybe you need to go back and please your nice mother teaching you how to respect others.

Thank you for your ask,Bored anon.^^


a cold wind’s whispering
secrets in your ear
so low only you can hear 

- The Civil Wars, Kingdom Come

monthly sang d’encre appreciation? you bet! if you’re looking for a well-structured (intriguing!!!) plot, delicious character development and sheer poetry - well, then! 10/10 would recommend.


Hey guys! As some of you know, i have a 9 year old brother. Hes a huge anime nerd, and an adorabke funny lil kiddo. Monday is his 10th birthday.. and none of his friends are coming to his birthday party. He’s upset and v lonely

So im asking tumblr to maybe help cheer him up.

Fanart, edits, happy birthday wishes, cosplay, videos, please send ANYTHING you can to help cheer up a dweeb 10 year old with bad friends. Below is a list of stuff he likes, and if you can send any sort of message or personalized thing, itd be greatly appreciated!!! Ill be doing my own fanart for him, but anything else would be hella

He likes :
Sword art online
Steven universe
Teen titans (the original)
Code geass
One piece (he cosplayed luffy for animazement last year!!)
Star wars
Assassin’s creed
Tokyo ghoul
Full metal alchemist
Ouran high
Attack on titan
Howls moving castle
Secret world of arietty
My neighbor totoro
Fall out boy is his one and only favorite band also just adding that

Anything you can do will be appreciated. I want hs birthday to be happy.

And as far as my last cry for help for a hotel for animazement, everyones help got me someone to stay with, so if you guys can help me one last time, help me tell my brother Alex


WOAH! Hey squad guess what! Its my tumblr birthday! Today, ask-commander-shitty-glasses turns 1 year! Special thank you to my special 1,693 squad members who have made all this possible!  The reason why you ask questions and I answer them is because we are curious creatures all looking for answers. If there is something you don’t understand, learn to understand it! Its well worth the risk! 

So remember to share, to ask questions, and to do the thing!

Now enjoy my first tumblr ask gif!

$10 Bust Commissions - Open!

Hi guys and gals <3 Thank you for taking the time to view this today, I very much appreciate it!

I am moving fairly soon (June 2nd to be exact!) from Virginia to California, and well to be quite frank, I need some funds to be sure I can pay the next round or two of bills that I currently have y_y. 

So! What I’m offering at the moment are sketch busts of any 1 character! I’ll be offering them up for $10 each, simple shading included :D It can be your own original character, or you may also get fanart if you so choose! I will be opening 20 slots at first, but will take more in reservation slots in the even that I do decide to keep on truckin’ through them! 

How Do I Order A Commission?

Easy! Just go ahead to the main page of my blog and click “Submit” or enter lanibrew.tumblr.com/submit in your URL bar! When I have received your request, I will reply back to you with a grand total and the Paypal address to send the money to. As I said, easy!

Thank you all for your time again. Remember, if you can’t buy a commission, it’s even appreciated if you could reblog or share this link <3 Thank you thank you!

ive had this in my sketchbook for like three months now and im tired of procrastinating posting this because im still super unhappy with it but you know what, fuck it. after seeing a bunch of super amazing drawings on tumblr of jeanmarco!moulin rouge au ( savi-bunny , gayfrogking , mogoliz , smth-about-marie ) I had to do something to contribute.