Tumblr is My Escape from the Outside World! People who are Tumblr-less just don’t understand. Tumblr is like its own World but filled with Innovators who aren’t judgmental! I feel like, You can really be yourself on here… & when you click on someone else’s Blog, it’s like You’re getting to know them as you scroll down more and more, it’s like you just entered their own Personal World & for whatever reason, you like their own Lil World so much that you decide to Re Blog half of it!!! Then once you go back to your Dashboard, it’s like you just entered the New York of Tumblr because everyone is just blogging away, being creative, giving advice, trying to stop suicide, getting high, being horny, posting all this good ass food & so on and so on…. The point is… I just fucking love the Tumblr World that I live in!!! Like forreal, when I get my house off the beach, I wouldn’t mind sitting in my room all day with my balcony door cracked, listening to the sound of the water while laying in my bed with my laptop logged in on Tumblr & just scrolling down my dash board & re blogging away!!! #TumblrIsLife