Dear Tumblr

Dear Overlords of Tumblr.

Thank you for a fantastic product, I hope Google buys you for a sum that would make Dr. Evil choke. In your quest to fulfill this wild dream, please, would you add trackbacks? Not everyone linking to my little Tumbls is actually on the network re-blogging me.

This would make many of us very happy.

Happy bloggers make happy dollars for Tumblords later on.

So one day I’m going to write one of those epic tumblr posts of legend that ascends you to the rank of tumblord, but for now I just gotta get a thought off my chest.

I’m taking a distance class (I work full-time and am a parent, and the school is two hours away) as part of my teacher cert/master’s combined program: Foundations of Special Education. Fuck yea, I’m thinking. I don’t know much about special education from a teacher’s perspective and so I was really excited to finally address a huge gap in my knowledge. It’s important and great, and the prof has twenty-five years field experience (admittedly in elementary when I’ll be teaching secondary, but it’s still really great).

The prof can’t use blackboard. The prof lectures are hella bad. The prof material selection really doesn’t challenge us to go in depth on anything.

But here’s the thing. I’m not mad at the professor. She clearly had a passion for her work that she wanted to carry into the classroom to help educators. I’m mad at the way we educate educators right now. Teaching is a vocation. It’s not a discipline that should be put into an academic silo. That kid with all the stuff going on at home? Academic theory may help you a little bit, but at the end of the day you gotta appreciate that teaching is an imminent, messy, real field. You have to get practice. You have to work - and I mean WORK - with mentors.

My prof would probably be a hella awesome mentor. I’d love to visit a special ed class with her. Or, more likey, I’d love to just watch videos of her teaching, since this is a distance ed gig. Or I’d love to get assigned to a local school’s evening outreach program, and submit videos for review. Something practical.

Instead, they have her running an academic class for which she isn’t well-suited. To me, that’s an injustice to a lot of people.

Am I off track on this? I don’t think I am.