bangerzwbu said:

omfg its so funny that your url is you-cant-go-back-now cause I cant go back now and silent hill is the scariest movies ive ever seen omfg i literally cannot.

hahah omg i know that movie literally ruins your life! if i ever hear anything that sounds like the siren from the movie i just go insane and almost pee myself!

bangerzwbu said:

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK TO THE PERSON WHO THINKS THEY KNOW LEXI COME HOLLA AT MY INBOX NOT ON ANON. I'M FROM TAMPA WHERE I CUT A NIGGA AND RUN LIKE HELL. But nah what the actual fuck is wrong with the person sending Lexi hate. You don't even know her and your telling her to die? Don't be a pussy, if you hate her, stand up and say it off anon. Otherwise your just talking to talk. So shut the fuck. I love you lexi, your a great person don't you dare listen to them

ur mah spirit animal


tumb1ah replied to your post: Well look at you, you can make an ‘inspirational’ comeback to my message but it doesn’t change the fact that the world would be better with out you. Just because you think you’re so clever and witty doesn’t make you a good person. You’re still a fact ugly bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anyone so why should anyone give a damn about you. Now i see why you lost so many friends and why everyone hates you now. You deserve to die and you deserve all the hate you’ve ever gotten you fucking bitch


bby ik