Tell yourself you’ve done a good job, even if you think you haven’t! I’m a very negative person towards my fitness and workouts, so trying to stay positive is hard! So In love with @tullylou products and lifestyle! I so want to be you! Thanks for inspiring us #fitspo #fit #nike #nikewomen #tullylou #motivation #motivationquote #typography #over #madewithover #inspiration #fitspoholic #fitsporation #fitspiration #fitfam

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Morning Rituals | My Routine

I’m a big fan of a morning ritual and starting each day the best way possible to set myself up for an epic and healthy day ahead. Having a good daily routine is easy to establish and is a great way to nourish your mind, body and soul. If you stick with it your health and happiness will be thanking you. My morning routine looks a little like this..

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Who is Tully Lou? The name, the face, the story behind the label

The name, the face, the girl behind the label but who is TULLY LOU..? We see she has abs of steel, can bend herself inside out but who is the person behind all of that and what’s her story? She’s a daughter, a sister, a warrior, girl boss and has a heart of of gold. From defeating anorexia, the journey of self discovery through yoga, creating a fashion label and an inspiring mission to help others we sat down with the boss to find out more about her personal story - because everyone has a story.

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Take 5 with the Healthy Chef | Teresa Cutter

We were shocked at TL headquarters when we found out the majority of your immune system is found in your gut. Having suffered with digestive problems for as long as I know the TL Team and I were keen to sit down with healthy chef and author of the book Perfect Digestive Health Teresa Cutter to talk all things gut health and what a typical day on a plate looks like for this health warrior. 

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Hola Friday! This weekend get your sweat on, take time out to relax and the weather is looking fine so soak me up some rays. If you’re out and about you’ll spot TL or one of the team at one of our favourite healthy hangout spots around Melbourne. Check out who made our cut.

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Top 5 good fats | who made the  cut

We love good fats, we ain’t scared of throwing them in every meal and we promise we shall not be skimpy with them either. Good fats are needed by the body to fully absorb other essential nutrients so don’t be scared and don’t be stingy.

Here’s our fav 5 fats and ways to use them. Love them like your valentine this week and your bod will thank you.

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