tully blanchard

The Four Horsemen [1987]

This photo was snapped after Ole Anderson had been kicked out of the group in order to replace him with the rallying Lex Luger. Luger had been trying to become a member of the Horsemen, but it was only after he cost himself and Arn Anderson the NWA Tag Team Titles at Starrcade 86 that the final decision was made.

Steel Cage “I Quit” Match for the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship
Magnum T.A. Vs. Tully Blanchard
NWA - November 28, 1985

Going back and reading up on Magnum T.A. and watching his matches, you really get bummed out that his career was cut short as it was. Magnum T.A. had all of the tools it took to become a successful professional wrestling legend and had it yanked out from under him.

This match had to have been 10x more grueling than normal considering Tully caught Magnum in bed with his wife like a few days before. Magnum ended up marrying her. Weird.