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BDC, is just as “hard” in TTT1. It did not change. In ttt1 though, bd range was universal compared to now where everyone has different backdash range. Also, again BDC isn’t hard. The problem was people do not know that Tekken movement was about chaining different kind of…

different kind of movements and making it all a part of your metagame and all yep

what i meant was the bdc happened much quicker so it was more effective, also the universal range thing. it made bdc easier to implement in your game and all.

well whatever they might do, i probably really won’t mind. it’s just one factor in the like, 7-8 or so that control the tekken meta and if it doesn’t affect the meta as a whole i won’t mind

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do ppl rly think moving is that fun there’s more fun stuff to do than that like punching and giant swingaling

yeah but sometimes you gotta move that ass so you can kick that ass you feel me

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People are mad because BDC is not that hard to learn anyways. it’s something to practice, yet so powerful competitive wise. Not only that, the fun/freedom of chaining movement would be totally gone.

not that hard? idk about it. it’s got a pretty big learning curve. sure it sounds easy in theory but learning to implement it isn’t an easy matter.

of course, if they did completely remove bdc and just buffed back walk i will be mad too, but i really doubt harada is that stupid. bdc in ttt1 was easier and more effective than the later games, and i’m expecting that kind of change. can’t be as bad as kta makes it seem, right?