Roses have thorns
Violets are frail
Both are cliche
And bound to fail

I’ll give you three Tulips
Yellow, white, red
Three little blossoms
From my personal bed

Yellow for light
For the way you shine
Vibrant and sweet
Eternally mine

White for grace
For how steady you are
Faithful and loyal
Even afar

Red for love
And how much you give
I’ll plant Tulips for you
For as long as I’ll live

Hail Frigga! Goddess of wisdom, the home, marriage and motherhood! Among other things of course! I’m thankful for her presence in my life. She is the patroness of so many good things that have happened and are to happen this year and the next. I was given this god pole handcrafted by Heathen artist Tawney Flores right around the time we conceived and she has a special place on our altar surrounded by dried flowers from my fiancé, magical woods, crystals and other beautiful things. Hail Frigga the mother, the wife and the weaver! 🌹🌹🌹 #frigg #frigga #goddess #godpole #norse #scandinavian #asatru #asatruar #handcarved #roses #tulips #heathen #heathenry #hail #viking #vikings #pagan #altar #love #magic #magical (at Http://www.thewellandspindle.com)

Art Everywhere UK: David Hockney’s “My Parents” (1977) will be displayed across 30,000 billboards and outdoor sites throughout the UK as part of Art Everywhere UK’s public art initiative. Of the 25 artists included in the project, Hockney’s work was voted the “nation’s favorite” in an online Facebook poll.