My crushes are actually quality right now (meaning I know/follow everyone on here) so let’s post them!!

(I posted this because I saw Rae’s and wondered who was on mine. Rae isn’t on mine but she’s cool too!)

glorybelongs said:

Hey a while ago on an old URL you had a list of book downloads. I was wondering if you still have those because I'm looking for something to read. Please and thank you, and I hope you're having a good holiday!

I’m pretty sure all the download links I had were deleted but you can try looking at and see if any of the links are still alive. If not, I can’t really help you since I haven’t had access to my computer with those files on it since mid-July or so. 

Actually Good Tumblr Crushes That You Should Follow:

I did a Follow Friday again! I don’t know why I did but I like being appreciative of people so yes here we go.

people I’m friends with on here:

Sam  Mica  Amy   Noam  Gina  Thomas

people I don’t know but are brilliant:

mickeyandminnie  baudelaired  askheryourself  harold—saxon  asammysun


Dear Sam,

I’ve known you for a few months now. I don’t even know who followed who first or what led one of us to follow the other in the first place (and I’m the crazy stalker one) but somehow we became friends. Actually, I know how we became friends. Spring Awakening—I asked you about it and where I could watch it. And you told me. We share many fandoms and love many of the same things (I just said the same thing twice whatever) and are just two really cool internet friends. Really, you’re one of my favorite people on this site and I’m glad we’re friends!

So happy birthday—eighteen, wow. One year until the Doctor can take you away!

much love,