And the winners are in.....

Thank you to everyone that took part in our 15 winner giveaway! We picked the winners at random from all the entries via facebook, twitter and tumblr. Here are the winners on tumblr:

Please email your size (S, M or L) and shipping address to annas@playfulpromises.com and your knickers will be on their way to you very soon!

tudoudou asked:

dfshudjn I'm at the airport rn and I passed some bag store and the model in the ad for the shop looked SO much like you but I passed it too quickly to see properly lol. Have you modelled for a bag store before lol!? (I'd go back but this airport is HUUUUGE haha)

I modelled for a Chinese bag store last year! Did the model have blonde hair? :P In that case it might have been me! :3