I've worn my slippers to work

two days in a row this week because I accidentally ripped my TOMS and I’m not wearing a fucking leather boot or a sandal in Manhattan in April. All of this would be fine except I forgot I have a first date tonight that I’m now going to have to appear at in a pair of men’s LLBean mocs. Hope this dude’s into cool tudes, cause I’ve got one.


But what if he could escape death?  You know, like a Time Lord?

I mean, he already looks exactly like a Time Lord and he certainly sounds like a Time Lord — if he’d only had a regeneration cycle and a TARDIS just  imagine what he could have accomplished then.

(But I have to say he need have no worries on the leaving a memory part, because damn.)


Also, I think I should post the individual shots from the shoot, too. I won’t bother posting the one of Mathias in chainmail, since everyone’s seen that on here multiple times, but I don’t think I’ve seen the others on here.

Here we have Antti looking smug as fuck, Tude doing an “are you fucking serious?” face, Georg wondering what the fuck he’s got in his hand (“am I supposed to drink from this thing, or…?”) and Jussi chugging like there’s no tomorrow!