Hey guys! You should know by now that we just LOVE tubular crin!

So over the years we’ve invested a lot of time in to designing and creating a lot of brand new and exclusive colours for you to enjoy - all of which you can find right here at www.cyberloxshop.co.uk :D

We have tons of colours available in our tubular crin/crinoline range - there are over 150 colours to choose from in 3 sizes which are Large 3/4”, Mini 3/8” and Skinny which measures approx 4mm in width!

Need a bulk order? No problem! Send us an email and we’ll discuss the best options with you! :)

Tubular crin is great, not just for Cyberlox but also for costumes and outfits too so if you’ve got a really special project, think about using tubular crin to make it super different and truly unique!

Why not try a bag today and see what all the fuss is about? We just know you’ll like it too!