Tank tops, Short Shorts

Poem below poster.


Tank tops, Short Shorts (revised 4/13/13)

Tank Tops and short shorts <x4>
(repetitive till it’s catchy, what!?) <repeat>

TeCii, Tank Tops and short shorts, spring back, playing half court
kool girl smokes those newports, gray tank, neon spanks,
c’s are good, on the report.
nerd girl sports her A’s
got that rank in the shark tank sank sank in the doubles game
spiked off thae lemonade, too hot for that purple drank

Class girls as my escorts, drive her ride like a race horse
6th gear grinding, foot floore, scenic routes are never detours
don’t forget about the girls in the back, (hair blowing)
with the top down racked, relaxing in the sun,
saying im the one, to three, can’t choose which girls right for me
they smile one says we got sights to see but I just go ADD
for those

Tank Tops and short shorts <x4>
(repetitive till it’s catchy, what!?) <repeat>

Day One, Fear Dirary, All these babe be mirin me
Big Booty Bitch Bouncin Boom Box Biker trousers
Ghetoo blasting that ass, I cant stop from beat puncin
Woah, what do I know? She rockin like rodriguez,
yes, it is that season. NoCo hits the flor
rides that meramac wave, the fiending, pleasing to the eye
gotta be the right guy, for this one reason:

2 guns strapped on their side, down to fuck down to fight
My lara croft look alikes, pont tail ready to attack
quipped in the front, spaghetting strapped
daisy hold that treasure in the back
they got that

Tank Tops and short shorts <x4>
(repetitive till it’s catchy, what!?) <repeat>

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