CATMAN! (Q’s And C’s Episode 26) 

In which I meow in public and stuff.

jesus why did i draw his fucking underwear haha

PHARAOH TUBBER DEMANDS DABBY ASS well hell if i was pharaoh I would do that too. i also always felt like tubber was sort of chubby which doesn’t really make sense but yeah. also i’m too lazy to draw tubber’s throne.

Hot Tub Movie Theater

If you think the drive-in is an ideal date spot, a night at the hot tub movie theater will be truly unforgettable, no matter how bad the actual date goes. A hilarious movie on the screen, a room full of scantily clad fellow tubbers and alcohol, the ingredients to the perfect night.


Check It Out

Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


This is the trailer for a film about a killer tyre. Yeah. A killer tyre. Every bit as crazy as it sounds.

Apparently based on a true story. That’s a fact.

Danny and Tucker would be the bestest boyfriends EVAR

And they would do silly things to make each other laugh.

 Like quoting Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merryweather but adding their own twist to it.

"Stuck in the Fenton Thermos?"   


"Master’s Blasters?"




Or, “Dumpty Humpty gets the yet unheard of ‘Halfa Snap’! In ‘D’ formation!”

-and the snap goes up, across, and around-