tttriplets said: Twitch: We are the Turbo Triplets.. I’m Twitch. Marly: I’m Marly Ozzy: and I’m Ozzy


Well of COURSE I know you’re the Triplets I have some of my own! But I must say the ones I’m used to seeing are a bit more shapley than you three are.

But all the same it’s a pleasure to meet you three and as I’m sure you know, since I’m the star of the game, I’m Turbo!

Mass Welcome Post

“Another new set of characters already? Feels like it’s just been a few days since I did one of these…” Vanellope walks out onto the royal stand, glancing down at the racetrack. “Looks like there are several of you who I highly doubt are from any type of arcade game but eh…at this point, I guess that’s normal, huh?”

Scanning the crowd once again, she spots two other instances of herself, and a Minty Zaki, and a racer she hasn’t seen before. Must be an unlockable. “And then there’s the characters who actually belong in this game. Hello to the four of you!” Erk, there’s also that Sour Bill there…he looks like he’s cracked. Might want to be a bit cautious around that one.

“There’s also two Turbo’s, a set of triplets, a pair of twins, annnnd a King Candybug. Well. That completes a little adorable set there, doesn’t it?" The candy-haired racer gives the group of Turbo/King Candy characters a nervous grin.

Shrugging, she tosses the scroll of new characters aside and looks down at them all. "Wherever you came from, welcome to Sugar Rush and please don’t go messing up the place. Alright?”