The Department of Transportation has an arrest warrant for officer SteelGonads for misusage of transportation equipment during active duty. Anyone holding information on his whereabouts must contact the closest office of Transportation or face the reeducation camps along with Comrade Gonads.

It’s a known fact that TTRO soldiers never bail.
In addition to unshakable loyalty, fiery determination, disregard for own safety as well as a primordial hatred for everything blue and purple, candidates to join TTRO will be required to surrender the “E” key from their keyboards.


Veteran Neggev, after months of empty promises to his superiors has finally delivered his report on the potential of being a dick on the battlefield. TTRO High Command is quite impressed with the amount of dickishness he was able to deliver. Intercepted comms from Vanu and NC forces seem to corroborate that the D factor will be taken into account in their next offensives.


While securing Ikanam Triage Station, a TTRO battalion comes accross a platoon of NC Battle Lemmings. This once thought extinct creature is the result of New Conglomerate interbreeding experiments and just goes to show that maybe they should leave the science to the Vanu.

Recent excavations in the desert surrounding Indar Excavation Site have uncovered more evidence that TTRO has had a presence on Auraxis long before the Vanu or NC started their rebellious movements. Here is a picture of the recently unearthed funeral mask of one of the greatest Pharaohs of Auraxis TUTANKAHMOO. Notice the TTRO regalia on his royal headdress, as well as an eerie similarity with YGL (specially in the dead stare), cementing the theory that our Glorious Leader is of royal descent.

TTRO loyal troopers stand guard under the watchful eye of the Moo. Morale is at an all-time high thanks to the recent successes on the battlefield, which have sent the enemy cowering under their warpgate domes.

photo by: officer Camlost

BREAKING NEWS from the Terran Agricultural Research and Development (TARD). Genetically modified soldiers made in the image of YGLs glorious visage are a reality now! Enemies beware of the mighty herds of Cybercows across Auraxis!

The Department of Erudite Received Pronunciation (DERP), headed by Maximiliam Cripin Smythe, the 3rd Earl of Kwahtee, is issuing a set of directives for every MAX out there that desires to follow the ways of the gentleman. What does a gentleman MAX do?

- He brings his own ammunition.

- Always lets his opponents die first.

- Expects your teabag to be in your teapot.

- Always repairs himself.

- He offers his ammo to an enemy who has none. At high speed.

Maximilian is working with his team to bring forth more directives at a later date. Stay tuned and loyal until death!