September 14, 2014

I’ve realized that I can’t keep moping and feeling sorry for myself because I did everything to myself . You are who people will perceive you . If you are not a strong, independent, free spirit.. then you are not living up to your potential . Sometimes, it’s ok to be weak, dependent, and trapped. But realize that you’ll be stuck there forever if you never start leaving limbo .

❤/ ttran

September 11th, 2014

Today, I’ve realized how many guys are ungrateful .

Fuck all the people that think they could use me for fun and games . Fuck all the people that think I can always be there for them but they cannot return the favor . Fuck all the people that want to use me as a stepping stone to a better life . And finally, Fuck all the people that toyed with my emotions.

Even the nice kids have a limit . Seriously . ✌

ttran .