tteokbeokki replied to your photoOnce upon a time I was my own Korean boy band. …

who’s the visual, all i see is yoseob xD

omg. when the teacher asked if each boy had a personality i was like “omg ok i need to make a leader, a maknae, a visual, a 4d member, a main vocalist, a main dancer, a main rapper, the useless member, and the vocalist/dancer hybrid." 

i made each guy have their own position, but the visual is on the bottom left, hehe. 


If it wasn’t for the fact that no one else around her had been talking, she more than likely wouldn’t have heard her sunbae shouting at her from the other side of the street. Her head whipped up from hanging downwards, as she was previously focused on feasting on the tteokbeokki she had bought for herself; eyes lit up, and a bright smile crossed her features at the sight of the familiar face. “TIFFANY-UNNIE~” The words were yelled back once she had placed her food down, and cupped both hands around her mouth to hopefully get it to increase the volume and reach the others ears. Before she even finished yelling it out she was already bolting down the street as fast as she could, to run into the outstretched arms that were waiting for her. Making it to the other side in no time only to fling herself into the others arms, she beamed at her as if she hadn’t seen Tiffany in ages. Which wasn’t entirely wrong, because it really had been forever since she’d had a chance to talk to any of the them, let alone Tiffany. “I saw your Japanese comeback! It was amazing, and you looked as beautiful as ever. It’s been forever, oh my god. How are you?”

She heard her name loud and clear and couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the sprinting girl coming towards her. Tiffany took a few steps back physically and mentally preparing for the collision that waited for her but nonetheless she kept her arms spread out. It shocked her how fast the younger could run across the street and it only brought her joy before a low groan escaped her mouth from the impact but it was immediately covered with laughter. Her arms embraced the body tightly as she swayed side to side before leaning her head back to get a view of the excited girl and the sudden ambush of questions which gained another laugh from Tiffany’s lips. “Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed our comeback, but flattery won’t get you out of trouble. I’ve missed you! I know you just had a solo but don’t tell me you’re already forgetting about me?” She playfully pouted before pulling the younger into another tight embrace patting her on the back, lingering for a second before she took a few steps back. “I’m doing good, tired from schedules of course but what can you do. How about you miss soloist~?”