I changed my name from READYFORABFP.

I’m not sure I’m set on this one but it’ll do for now. I’ve gotten 2 BFP’s in the last year, and neither resulted in an actual baby. So I don’t just want a BFP anymore, I want my own little minion to take home 😊

well I don’t think I’ve ovulated yet but Im pretty sure this month is out. We have tried to have sex a few times and we get interrupted or don’t finish. Tonight is our last chance but now Michael is sick so Im pretty sure that we aren’t having sex tonight either. /sigh

Oh well. Hoping that I can conceive one of the next 2 cycles so that I can at least have a baby THIS year. Cant believe how long its taking! :/

Reblog if you refuse to send hate or hurtful judgements toward other TTC’rs, pregblrs, mumblrs, etc.

I want to follow people that are here to have somewhere to vent and share their life and get/give positive support.
I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures and will never be mean to you. We are all in this together. 💗

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