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avrupada tük takımlarını destekliyo musun

ben bencilim  galatasaraydan başka hiç bi takım çok başarılı olsun istemiyorum :( ama gidebildikleri yere kadar gitsinler tabi, tsyi desteklerim.

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Yay One of my favourite genre’s Steampunk now has its own fair. As  like  last year it is in aid of Kidney research so its worth while going and buying something from the charity vendors.

A word about the setting. Have you ever wondered how  some one could  sooooo much work into a sim in the full knowledge that with in a few days of the event closing it will al be teared down.I this this is a wonderful build as indeed it the one for The scecret Affair. It is a shame there these are not available afterwards.  Blooggers would have a whale of a time  taking pictures there..just my thoughts. p.s these pictures where taken at The Trace

.ploom. , TSYI!, ❉ м σ η ς н є я ί ❉, Slink , Dark Passions, House of Rain, ! Gugu Dada, ^v^DRBC^v^, *Reign. Image Essentials 7 Deadly sKins


Hair : .ploom. Hanna – Ploomage Tipped

Skin : 7 Deadly sKins – Patience Freckled – Color Cotton Candy

Eyes : TSYI! Expressions Eyes Deep Green

Lashes : ❉ м σ η ς н є я ί ❉ *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash

Hands,feet : Slink - Slink Mesh Hand Casual,Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High NailPolish : Dark Passions @ A Clockwork Spiral Koffin Nails – Rivets & Steam Earrings : House of Rain @ A Clockwork Spiral  She earrings Gift

  Lipstick : ! Gugu Dada !GZ Lips4 Graphis Copper Past hunt gift Outfit ^v^DRBC^v^A Clockwork Spiral ::drbc:: steamcraft top & skirt with necklace Shoes : *Reign.- MaryJanes- Black 

Poses : Couple Image Essentials A Kiss from a Rose Single JJ Sashay No.4  Location : The Trace  Windlight settings : [NB] Aftermath 1630

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A kiss from a Steam punk Rose (Post-95743)

"A kiss from a Steam punk Rose (Post-95743)" @ "[O.L.D.] Old London Docks - Best Second Life Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Feeds!"

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1. Fave actress/actor

OH: Marilyn, James Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Grace Kelly and probably more that I can’t think of.

Modern: Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg… again, probably lots more :)

2. Fave decade of movies

The 1980s :)

3. Marilyn or Elizabeth


4. Hitchcock or Wilder

Although Wilder Some Like It Hot, my favourite movie, and TSYI… I’ve seen more of Hitchcock’s films and liked them a lot :)

5. Fave OH couple

Onscreen, I like Fred & Ginger. I don’t much about the real-life couples, but I think Bogie & Bacall were cute.

6. Tea or coffee


7. One movie you hate but others like

Uhhhh, I don’t know! I can’t think of anything better right now, and this is probably a weird one…. but Bambi. I haven’t seen it since I was maybe about 10, possibly younger, because the April Showers song terrifies me.

8. An underrated movie

Hmmm… again I can’t think of much, but I’ve always thought Atlantis: The Lost Empire was an underrated Disney movie. I feel like it’s not as well known as the others, but I love it.

9. iPhone or android

iPhone :)

10. Vivien/Laurence or Bogie/Bacall 

Like I said earlier, I don’t know much about the real-life relationships of OH, but I’ve seen/read more about Bogie and Bacall and I think they were cute.

11. Fave song at the moment 

I think it’s still Really Don’t Care (Solo Version) by Demi Lovato :)

I’ve done a few of these this week, so I think I’m almost out of good questions, but here we go:

  1. What is your favourite place in the whole world?
  2. If you could change one moment in history, what would it be?
  3. Your favourite historical figure?
  4. Something that not a lot of people know about you?
  5. If you could have any pet, what animal would it be?
  6. Your favourite film that you seen this year? (old or new)
  7. Who would you most like to spend a day with?
  8. If you could have one superpower or special talent, what would it be?
  9. Would you consider your self to be an adrenaline junkie/thrill seeker?
  10. What would your dream Halloween costume?
  11. What is your favourite season?

That wasn’t so bad!

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