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Suddenly, I was ordered to

Leave my father’s manor.


I was sent off to a far foreign country to attend school.

All of which appeared to be instructions to learn to live in a group setting.


What a damn bothersome thing,

And to top it off, my other five brothers were there too.


Though, it proved to be a justifiable reason

To leave from my mother, and

To be honest, I was relieved.


Back then, the more and more I was around her

The more I was convinced of being betrayed.


This feeling called “love” that originates at the root of the heart,

Will never matter to me anymore, I can’t let it

I believed.


If being alone served me freedom, then I’m happy.


I’ll be better off if I’m alone from now on.

I truly wish to be alone.


-End Monologue; Scene: School Rooftop-


Yui: (After fighting, they’ve been knocked out on the floor for a while now… …)

(Both of them have yet to wake up)


Subaru: Agh… …Uugh… …


Yui: Subaru-kun… …!?


Subaru: Yui… …


Yui: Are you okay? Are you injured?


Subaru: Look for yourself… …I don’t have any. Like hell I’d let him injure me.

Speaking of which, how is he… …?


Yui: He’s still passed out.


Subaru: Heh… …I won then.

That damn idol’s more bark than bite… …I’d never lose to him.


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