I’m a senior design student at university, and have had a few internships and some freelance work. My mom calls me to tell me about how she got an artist to do character paintings for her for the book she’s writing. 

Client: Oh my god you should see these pictures he did, they’re so freaking beautiful!

Me: Send them to me, I’d love to see!

Client: He only let me preview them. I can’t have them until I’ve paid him $1200. It’s so damn expensive.

Me: Aw, well that’s usually how it works. You gotta pay the rest of the deposit.

Client: Hey, why don’t I give you the login information and you take a picture of the preview and redo it for me so I don’t have to pay!

Me: Welp.


Aight, so my friend Dave, this guy right here. 


He is a fucking amazing Artist, I mean 






He has serious fucking skills, 


Like holly fuck nuggets, 


He needs your help,


He finally has a chance for his art to be shown through Lindsey Stirling’s poster competition. 

VOTE FOR HIM, so he can show the world his art. HERE.

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The Homophobic and Transphobic Jokes of Friends

A veracious montage of the sitcom Friends sheds new light on homophobic attitudes in contemporary TV culture.

The remixed supercut was created by Tijana Mamula who edited together 45 minutes of homophobic and hetronormative jokes from the 1990s sitcom Friends. The video was deleted by Vimeo in September 2011 despite its clear fair use status. http://www.vimeo.com/25309948

Read more via Political Remix Video:

And via Bitch Magazine online:

“Mahukah aku khabarkan sebaik-baik orang dalam kalangan kamu?” baginda s.a.w. bertanya kepada para sahabat di depannya.

“(Sebaik-baik orang dalam kalangan kamu) adalah yang mengingatkan kamu kepada Allah bila kamu melihatnya.”

“Yang dapat menambah amal kamu bila ia berbicara. Yang mengingatkan kita kepada hari akhirat dengan amal-amalnya.”

Persahabatan atau persaudaraan itu mengandungi nilai dan makna yang besar sehingga Allah mengaitkannya dengan keimanan.

“Sesungguhnya orang beriman itu bersaudara” [Al-Hujurat :10]

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@tomqueens: Why? Cause they loving the crew, they loving the crew!

themaraudersaredead said:

Do you ever think about the specific wording where Harry was raised like a "pig for slaughter" and not a /lamb/ for slaughter. Like its a minor detail but the nuances are there because when pigs are raised for slaughter they're fattened up and fed so they're nice and healthy and round when you kill them and Dumbledore made sure Harry was just loyal and happy and unsettled enough because you can't feed the pig too much or there'll be too much fat and not enough meat to eat when you kill it.

and you also keep pigs in the dirt and let them roll around in it and don’t really pay much attention and there’s layer upon layer of mud on their skin that you don’t deal with until the moment you want to use this particular animal.

while lambs in people’s minds are so white and so pure and their perfect sacrifice is so damn obvious and their blood runs deep red and everyone cares and there’s no old evil ugly witch who wants to eat them just a god who sent them to save the world (and dumbledore is no forgiving loving god)