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majestic-possessions asked:

"This is a really bad idea ...Why did I agree to trespass here?" she walks through the front door and quietly tries not to be seen.

It was a quite evening in the Sakamaki manor. There was no arguing or yelling. No bothersome brothers playing in the rec room. It was peaceful and that what Reiji longed for. To be free for a while without having to do something for others.

He sipped his Yerba Mate tea as he read his book in his lab. He was quite content until he heard the front door opened. From what he could feel, it wasn’t a presence he knew and he could make the assumption his brothers didn’t know this presence either. Sighing, he came the idea of it being a trespasser who picked the wrong night to come here.

"Just when I was going to enjoy myself tonight." Reiji said standing up. "They better be glad I see them first before the triplets do."