RG @outsmartoriginals: Lavabear by Nathan Hamill - deadline to preorder both tees is October 3rd. These tees will be strictly limited and only made to order so preorder yours today!
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Hey gang! Another survey for you all, this time on the subject of Offbeat Classes T-Shirts and Hoodies!

If enough people support the idea, these will be printed and distributed through Teespring. What this means: they will be considerably less expensive than the redbubble shirts, but also a bit less elaborate. The current expected prices are $17 for a t-shirt and $30 for a hoodie.

Here’s a tentative look at the front of the proposed shirt (the new .co.vu URL will be on the back):

We’ve got room for a few different colors of shirt and hoodie. If virtually no one wants the hoodies, we’ll add more shirt colors, and vice versa. All of these are covered in the survey, so make sure you answer as thoroughly as possible.

The only way we can go ahead with these plans is if we know that we’ll have the support of our followers, so please answer this survey if you’d like a shirt/hoodie and spread the word around!

MiSTie’s Unite!  We have a custom Mitchell Shirt with a photo logo and seven revues that include three hi-lariously great ones including Tom Servo’s “waka-chicka” comment, an amazing one from, of all people, the U.S. Council of Bishops and, well…

Mitchell is no better than Laserblast

We hope you L♡VE it!

FYI: Yes, I put the mock-up shirt on a… fat guy large gentleman.