A problem with PayPal payments:

PayPal changed their fee policy. Now, if we want to receive money WITHOUT being taxed, the person has to already have a PayPal account and be paying under “sending money to family or friends”. If they don’t have a PayPal, THEY get charged .59cents, or they can choose that we, the seller, get charged .59cents.

In other words: now you have to have a PayPal in order not to get charged for sending money. If you don’t have a PayPal, either you or the seller will be charged.

Unfortunately this isn’t something we can work around. We’ve lost a little more than $40 from this super lame new rule. If you can, PLEASE pay in a group with someone who ALREADY HAS A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Or else, maybe you’re willing to take on the .59cent fee for us? :(

Thank you, and we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, that’s it folks, RSVPs are officially closed.
Thank you so much! And we’re really excited to see you all at the Ball.

If you didn’t get a ticket and still want one, keep an eye on this tumblr! We’ll be opening up a Transferable Ticketing Option for anyone who bought a ticket and needs to sell it if they cannot attend, starting April 1st and running until April 17th.

But wait, our work isn’t done!

We still need funding for this thing, and we’re relying heavily on you! Please consider donating any amount to theskaiaballteam@gmail.com, and definitely don’t forget to keep updated on what’s going on with us. If it makes things easier, you can "Like" our Facebook page to get updates.


Well here we are: with just 2 days and 20 hours left until The Skaia Ball, we’ve got all the formal invitations sent out.

We’re putting the finishing touches on all our decorations- voting ballot boxes are being painted, lanterns are being assembled, tons of fabric is being cut and sewn together, and our resources are pooling to make this as extraordinary as we always envisioned it.

There are three Acts to our story, and we can’t close the curtains on the final Act without you!