Sweater Pack #3

I made a thicker version of the crew neck sweater, just cause I wanted something that looked a little warmer since we’re about to head into the colder seasons (: Personally, I love cozy thick sweaters hehe


Extract the package file and place it in the Mods folder, the folder should be in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 

Jelly Lips



New lipgloss for TS4. Comes in 13 jelly flavors ranging from natural to stellar out there. It’s a recolor of the facemask so it works for both males and females. Compatible with my skin overlay (lips will be layered on top). You can layer EA colors under it to make cool ombre lips. 

Moar pics: ombre lips, guy lip, close up

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Here it is! :D I finished the lipstick set and I also happen to have a bonus eyeshadow for guys, sooooooooo… time for a new upload ^____^ As usual, here’s the description of what you’re getting:

Beautiful Bomb: lipstick as face makeup, teen to elder. I wanted/I received requests for some lipsticks that would work for males, and since EA seems to think that TS4 guys can’t wear any lipstick, setting them as “costume makeup” was the only way to make ‘em work D: Girls can use the lipstick too: even better, they also get a bonus “shiny overlay” effect if you use both my lipstick and one of EA’s defaults together :D otherwise, the lipstick will just stay matte, like in the male version ^_^ There will be two packages in the .rar file: one for “bold” colors and another one for “natural” colors (requested by missskittysims ^_^). For the “natural” colors, I tried to do something that would go with most of the default skin colors, including the blue and the green one which, er, aren’t exactly natural, but whatever, they’re in the pack anyway, lol :D Texture completely handpainted by me, alpha slightly modified from one of EA’s defaults.

Theta Titanium: eyeshadows for males. These originally started as an attempt to convert these eyeshadows by io, but as soon as I found out that I couldn’t really make the textures fit TS4 eyes, I basically started re-painting the shit out of them, sooooo… I guess that, aside from the lower lid part, there’s little to nothing left of the original TS2 eyeshadows ;____; still, I like how they turned out :D they come in 10 colors: some naturals, some less. They can be used both as a proper eyeshadow or as a sort of eye bag/eye depth thingy ^___^ again, it will work for teens to elders :)




Full disclosure: I’m the sort of person that would wear flats every day of her life. Now can’t go out and buy 54 pairs of shoes in an assortment of colors (at least not if I want to pay rent and eat, of course), but that shouldn’t stop my Sims, so here are the Sims 4 ballet flats in Anna and Pooklet’s colors. You can either get separate sets to pick between, or one package with both!

Download: Separate | Complete

Hope you enjoy!

(As always, I am very new at the recoloring game, so if anything is broken or borked, please let me know! On the other hand, if you dig it/download them, please let me know that too, with a like or a reblog!)


Valror Legacy - Generation 1

Basil Valror, an ambitious space pirate, his wife Mona, a famous comedian, and their children, Joshua and Judith.

I’m not sure to continue to play with them, the lack of story progression bothers me, with this type of gameplay.