Trying to write my book… and it’s annoying because I only have random events in my head… And I have to connect them on the fly when I get into that rare writing mood… And I’m only capable of typing out maybe two or three paragraphs in a session. BUT!…(there’s always a “but!”) I know that it took some authors YEARS before they were able to finish a single book… so… KEEP ON PECKING!

“Trudeau had several other discussions after I left the Royal York. Later that night a photographer caught him leaving Macdonald’s room as he paused, either in thought or exauhstion, to pull on his gloves. Hid dark hair, sparse on top, broad forhead, high cheekbones, and especially his downcast eyes were all composed in a way that suggested indecision. The delegations that had followed me, I decided when I saw the photo the next day, had not done any better than I had. It was my favourite photo of pierre” –Ramsay Cook, THE TEETH OF TIME

I can’t effing believe u ramsay.

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