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Supernatural 9.18 Meta Fiction Extended Preview

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I’m kinda super bored right now and procrastinating on editing my fanfic soooo.. yea!

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Ποιοι χάρτες σου ζεστάνανε ξανά το μυαλό
Ποιες θάλασσες στεγνώνουν στο μικρό σου κεφάλι
Ποιος άνεμος σε παίρνει πιο μακριά από δω
Πες μου ποιο φόβο αγάπησες πάλι


General: Gentlemen! I thought I’d show you this new site, Rumblr, I’ve found. You can post whatever you like, find people with similar interests…
Blenkinsop: Like Arsenal?
General: …Yes, like Arsenal—but I’m not sure how big that fandom is.
Maltravers: Fandom?
General: Yes, fandom.
Maltravers: Well, what’s that?
General: Fandoms are groups of people posting about a TV show, movie, book, and so on. You know, making gifs, art, thinking about the characters and their relationships…
Maltravers: Why?
General: Because the characters are interesting to ship!
Maltravers: ‘Ship’?
General: Yes, yes. Some people ship Johnlock, some people ship Romione, and so on.
Blenkinsop: I ship packages.
General: Shut up, Blenkinsop. Ships are a huge parts of fandoms—lots of variety, lots of different kinds—for example, ‘slash’ describes the section devoted to male/male relationships, one of the more popular kinds.
Maltravers: Why?
General: Because people like that!
Maltravers: Ah! …Why?
General: Well, there’s something intrinsically appealing about two men being in a relationship to many people, and there’s a lot of kinds of relationships that people like to build on, such as that between enemies or people that have been friends for many years…
Blenkinsop & Maltravers: [look at each other] Best friends forever, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
General: Yes. So. People think about these two characters doing exactly that, and write stories about them. Some of them are rather good.
Maltravers: [glances at Blenkinsop] Well, we could read some of them, sir!
General: Yes, Maltravers. And I’m sure it’ll lead to a good result. [smiles knowingly]
Blenkinsop: So…where do I find Arsenal on it again?
General: Ugh! [puts face in his hands]

Trying to write my book… and it’s annoying because I only have random events in my head… And I have to connect them on the fly when I get into that rare writing mood… And I’m only capable of typing out maybe two or three paragraphs in a session. BUT!…(there’s always a “but!”) I know that it took some authors YEARS before they were able to finish a single book… so… KEEP ON PECKING!