Supernatural 9.18 Meta Fiction Extended Preview

General: Gentlemen! I thought I’d show you this new site, Rumblr, I’ve found. You can post whatever you like, find people with similar interests…
Blenkinsop: Like Arsenal?
General: …Yes, like Arsenal—but I’m not sure how big that fandom is.
Maltravers: Fandom?
General: Yes, fandom.
Maltravers: Well, what’s that?
General: Fandoms are groups of people posting about a TV show, movie, book, and so on. You know, making gifs, art, thinking about the characters and their relationships…
Maltravers: Why?
General: Because the characters are interesting to ship!
Maltravers: ‘Ship’?
General: Yes, yes. Some people ship Johnlock, some people ship Romione, and so on.
Blenkinsop: I ship packages.
General: Shut up, Blenkinsop. Ships are a huge parts of fandoms—lots of variety, lots of different kinds—for example, ‘slash’ describes the section devoted to male/male relationships, one of the more popular kinds.
Maltravers: Why?
General: Because people like that!
Maltravers: Ah! …Why?
General: Well, there’s something intrinsically appealing about two men being in a relationship to many people, and there’s a lot of kinds of relationships that people like to build on, such as that between enemies or people that have been friends for many years…
Blenkinsop & Maltravers: [look at each other] Best friends forever, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
General: Yes. So. People think about these two characters doing exactly that, and write stories about them. Some of them are rather good.
Maltravers: [glances at Blenkinsop] Well, we could read some of them, sir!
General: Yes, Maltravers. And I’m sure it’ll lead to a good result. [smiles knowingly]
Blenkinsop: So…where do I find Arsenal on it again?
General: Ugh! [puts face in his hands]


Ποιοι χάρτες σου ζεστάνανε ξανά το μυαλό
Ποιες θάλασσες στεγνώνουν στο μικρό σου κεφάλι
Ποιος άνεμος σε παίρνει πιο μακριά από δω
Πες μου ποιο φόβο αγάπησες πάλι


Trying to write my book… and it’s annoying because I only have random events in my head… And I have to connect them on the fly when I get into that rare writing mood… And I’m only capable of typing out maybe two or three paragraphs in a session. BUT!…(there’s always a “but!”) I know that it took some authors YEARS before they were able to finish a single book… so… KEEP ON PECKING!

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on characters hugging/cuddling when someone is sick (unless they're contagious)? I know irl, it might be different, but I'm leaning more towards Homestuck characters.

It is the bessssst. If it’s fictional, it’s still the best even if they’re contagious!

IRL I do get worried about germs and grossed out by my family when they’re sick. The baby and attractive friends, though? I still want to cuddle them.