First time spending quality time with this chill girl @roxsantiago! So blessed to have a quality conversation with her. #Discipleship at its finest…fine dinning? fine breakfast? fine girls? Lol. Love you Foxy Roxy! 😘😁😄 #kickbackjack’s #beastmode #crymode #emosessions #edification #sisterinChrist #partingtheredsea #accountability #hugePANCAKES #foodcoma #truthtalks


Just be honest. Just be honest. Until the end you say. Giving that piece of yourself to someone else. Sharing your true feelings, being yourself. But above all that, being accepted and cherished for being yourself. Live up to it. Practice, not preach. Lead by example. 

Instead, the opposite is usually received. In my most honest and vulnerable moments, I find the attack. Not the typical attack of course. The silent attack. Baring your soul, shedding the nonchalant attitude for one that’s more humanistic, more compassionate. It’s tough. It’s actually really tough. Being up front and honest seems like a sham to do what? I’m not quite sure on that. I’ve opened myself up emotional many times. I follow my heart at every turn and it usually results in a whole mess load of pain. 

I used to play the control game. Let my head lead. In recent times, I’ve been playing the lovefool. Hoping after nothing that this time will be different than the last ten. Lovefool. A straight up lovefool. 

Honesty seems like a shame. Not many are accustomed to people playing the truth card. Watch your honesty, it may bite you. But truth to ourselves, it truly is better to say what you have than to bottle it up inside. Is it not?

We shot again last night until we ran out of light & even still. I can’t believe how surreal it all feels, these nights, this life. I can’t make sense of the goodness of it all, & I just want to use every drop of it to give back💛📷 #photodiaries #truthtalk #sorrysosappy #shootfromtheheart {thanks @christianmj for the documentation!}