Reputation is all about trust, because if people trust you then you have a good reputation with them. As we Know Reputation of a social entity is an opinion about that entity, typically a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria, so to build reputation you need to build trust first. Some people ask why reputation is important, well, it is important because it reflects your true self to society, not only on you but on your son if you had one. My opinion is to try and build reputation as much as possible by showing the people how trustfull you are.

trust nobody. really?

Why people say “I can’t/don’t trust anyone.” Why they blame us, others for not being able to trust. Why they don’t ask themselves why they don’t trust himself/herself instead blaming others.
When a friend broke trustfull friendship it hit me so hard, and of course I wondered I’m super bad human being, but going trough these thoughts I realised how less I believe in no trust people. Those who know me, they know I ,according to modern world, trust too much to people. And maybe because I have strong ability in trusting myself, I’m blindly open to new, good and even “wrong” people.
How I could be hitchhiking alone if I didn’t trust myself? Need powerful trust in that. Last year without home, money, I still trusted life, myself and it took me to wonderful journey through Sweden…
And again. We always always seek for blaming others in our issues, while hey can we admit and accept truth we are the core to our issues in first. But with our issue blaming others, we actually hurt this “the other”. ? No, of course we can’t. Because we have ego stronger. I also go trough darker picture in my life, crying for my issues and hurting closest person next to me, but luckily I have friends who help me to look deep inside myself, not walking away. I am still young and growing with my mistakes and trying become better. But one I know, I can’t let myself hurt someone.

And I admit I’m not usual me this month, some events in life happened. I’m getting upset and down, but I believe it will change, it’s all in my hands and energy to change to positive. Not in others.

Open the door.

I'm considering disappearing for a while... I don't even know how i got here, i used to be alone, skeptical, worthless... Some people gave me the opportunity of including me in their circle but i always knew that things wouldn't last as they should. I knew they would throw me like a trash, but I kept trying. Life is tough, but one thing i couldn't have forgotten... Even though life is all about perspective, i can affirm one thing for sure: trust in yourself only, because in the end of the day, you have you and only YOU! Don't let yourself depend on someone or you'll get disappointed. You'll suffer. Just depend on you, friends can be really really fake. Some pretend to be supportive, trustfull but if you need to tell a secret, tell yourself. After all, you would never do something that could harm you, would you?

- Lay

anonymous said:

Hey! I've been following you for a while now and I really like your blog! You also have amazing pictures, which you took yourself? What camera do you use? :) I'm planning to buy one and I love taking pictures of landscapes and objects. Do you recommend a certain camera? Thank you for your help and your time! Oh and I'm sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes. My English isn't that good. :) Okay bye.


First of all thank your for the compliment. I reblog a lof of stuff on tumblr but the pictures that I put on myself are taken by me. :) I used to take pictures with an old Nikon D3000 but now I’m already 2 years shooting with my trustfull Nikon D7000. One of my favourite things to shoot are landscapes just like you but belgium is quite boring so I don’t do that often. I don’t recommend any sort of camera because all brands have similar models only with a different name. If I had to choose I would take one of Nikon or Canon. :) And to be honest the camera doesn’t makes the picture but you do, if you understand what I mean. Read some reviews about new camera’s, this will make the choice less hard. :) The newer basic models now are almost as good as the camera that I use. Lenses are importent too but if you’re new then the basic lense will be good enough. :)
And don’t bother about you spelling or the grammar mistakes. My english is definitely worse then yours!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask them :)