a favourite of chi’s photographs

we needed to choose a favourite out of chi’s photographs. the photo i have choosen is made in Kandy in Sri Lanka in 2013. it is called ‘general store’.

i really like this photograph because it reminds me of my travelling in south east asia, especially a little river village in Laos. it is nice how people can make their own shop by wooden or paper boxes. besides that every thing they sell has a lot of color and by the way it is placed it looks like decoration. another thing i really like is the contrast between the bright and colorfull shop and the dangerous knife on the table. i think they use it for cutting meat or something, so it perfectly fits in. but in holland you will never see a big knife like this just were a customer can take it. it says a lot about the honesty and trustfull people in this country.

The elegant Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam last night was the frame for female celebrities in precious glitter and glamor clothes. The ladies crowded during the annual venue Beau Monde Awards. An overdose of glitters, jewelry dazzling, the highest heels and obviously bulging goodie bags. Quinty Trustfull with confidence won the cover girl and Leontine, Marco Borsato’s wife won the make-up Award. The prize for the most beautiful hairstyle went to Anouk Smulders while Winonah de Jong won the look Glamour Award received by Evgeniy Levchenko that has been named the most stylish man.

Beau Monde Awards 2014 – The winner The elegant Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam last night was the frame for female celebrities in precious glitter and glamor clothes.
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I'm considering disappearing for a while... I don't even know how i got here, i used to be alone, skeptical, worthless... Some people gave me the opportunity of including me in their circle but i always knew that things wouldn't last as they should. I knew they would throw me like a trash, but I kept trying. Life is tough, but one thing i couldn't have forgotten... Even though life is all about perspective, i can affirm one thing for sure: trust in yourself only, because in the end of the day, you have you and only YOU! Don't let yourself depend on someone or you'll get disappointed. You'll suffer. Just depend on you, friends can be really really fake. Some pretend to be supportive, trustfull but if you need to tell a secret, tell yourself. After all, you would never do something that could harm you, would you?

- Lay