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My baby is back in town hell yes 

i bought the song for this plz love me


just watched this comercial and loved it

Some bullshit astrology:
  • Aries:loves pretty socks so much that it's starting to be a problem
  • Taurus:obsessed with cute puppies and cheese
  • Gemini:so strong that sometimes can open a jar of pickles
  • Cancer:easily distracted by shiny stuff or nice butts
  • Leo:reads a lot of weird gay fanfiction almost every night
  • Virgo:can sleep on everything, just like a cat
  • Libra:has some sick dancing moves, the Macaroni Wibblle-Wobble is the best one
  • Scorpio:pretty great at breathing, and being pretty without knowing about it
  • Asparagus:feels upset because it's not a real sign
  • Capricorn:travels a lot, mostly to the fridge
  • Aquarius:real artist, draws circles and squares really well
  • Pisces:is able to read and write, good job!

But seriously though, beauty is not long hair, thin legs and tan skin. If it was, someone with these traits would be considered beautiful by absolutely everyone, and they would have a million friends and would always be happy. 

Beauty is being able to smile after crying, the scar you got playing as a kid, smeared makeup from kissing, crying and then feeling relieved, snorts and loud laughs… feeling at peace with yourself.

Beauty is what is inside, no matter what you think. It’s what we express, what we give to the world, it’s all that we are. That is attractive, that’s beauty.