“Do yourselves all a favor and don’t rely on what you’re seeing in the media when it come to the Ebola virus. Go get some facts." -karoli 

We agree: In a media climate rife with misinformation, Americans should educate themselves about the transmission of Ebola. In the past week, Donald Trump said that the "U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back,” and that American aid workers “must suffer the consequences.” And Fox News’ digital politics editor called bringing infected Americans back to the U.S. “crazy” and “the weirdest daggone thing [he’s] ever heard about.”

Then there’s the debunked rumor that immigrants are bringing Ebola across the Mexican border, which has been forwarded by conservative media outlets. 

**Graphic excerpt from Greg Laden’s blog, “Ebola Perspective: Risks of spread to the US and elsewhere.”