Male skull traumatised by at least one gunshot wound, entrance in the left inferior segment of the parietal bone with a left-right trajectory and probable exit on the right parietal.

During the excavation of this individual I gat the skull bone fragments from the bottom of the burial, there was a few parts of decomposed soft tissue in liquefactive phase. So  the reconstruction of the skull was primordial to ensure the reason about the cause of the fragmentation, post mortem or peri mortem?

The answer is: at least one entrance in the left parietal bone and then, during the  decomposistion occurs the post mortem fragmentation. the burial was transformed by animal like coyote

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The gunshot wound in the cranium is one of the most interesting aspects of my forensic work. Just for looking how the impact force penetrate the bone and then the observation of the penetrating marks behind the features of entrance and exit.

But for that you have to reconstruct the fragmented skull, That’s the challenge!!