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yyours-trulyy said:

I fell in love with all your stories! Can I please have a romantic Cole imagine? My name is Elyza. (: thank you

(Story is when they are on their midwest tour.)


You were scrolling down your tumblr dashboard. You’d see funny posts, animal posts, and .. IM5 posts. You were a fan of IM5. You would sometimes reblog them, listen to their music, or tweet them. You were just like any normal fan except for one thing. You were actually dating one of them. The one with strong eyebrow game and had a scruff stage. That’s right Cole Pendery. 

Because he was currently on tour you hadn’t seen him for about a month. You already missed him. As you scroll down the feed you see pictures of when they were at the Twerk Du Soleil Tour. You see the boys doing some weird poses with their fans. It reminded you of the time you first met them.

You laughed to your self. When you met them it was weird. You had always been a Cole girl so you wanted it to be special. Because you were kind of short and didn’t want to have another awkward picture like Will’s you had asked for something weird. You asked him for the princess carry. It was actually your dream come true since you have always daydreamed this. 

After that picture you were really, so to show your gratefulness you gave him a kiss on the cheek. You thought you had seen a slight blush but you thought you had been imaging it. As you were put back down onto the ground you stuck a piece of paper out. 

"My name’s Elyza and can I just say you have been an inspiration to me. I’ve always thought that everything in this world sucked until I found your music. And every time I hear your voice I think ‘wow not everything sucks’. Basically you motivate me to do something with my life" You say with a giant smile. "I hope we could be friends."

Cole’s smile had faltered a bit but he kept smiling and took the piece of paper.

As you walked away you heard Dana say, “Dude I think you just got friendzoned.”

You laughed even more as you scrolled down your feed.

You were just lazing around as usual. You were in bed using your phone since you didn’t really feel like sitting on your laptop. As you were watching some youtube video you saw a notification for a message. Since the video wasn’t that interesting you just check.

"What’s going on Elyza? (:" 

"Who is this?"  you sent back.

"Cole Pendery.."

'Wait what' You instantly sat up.

"You’re lying!"

"I’m not."

"I don’t believe you"

"I am going to tweet elephant bottles are wired."

You checked twitter. And there is was posted 1 second ago.

You mentally fangirled but had to keep cool. You wanted to be friends then get closer. 

The memories you had kept making you happy but at the same time sad since you really did miss him.

You were meeting Cole at the park. 

As you approached him he said, “What’s up?”

"Nothing much, so where are we going?"

"Secret Place." He said with a grin.

The secret place was actually just a small tea house that no one really went to. It was a good place for you guys to hang out since no one would recognize him. 

As you guys sat down you guys thought about to order. After you guys decided Cole went up to counter to order. As you just looked you saw Cole leaning over whispering something in the guys ears. The guy smiled.

"What was that all about?" you ask as cole comes back.

“‘Oh nothing.” He said with that smile that still killed you.

You talked and talked. Laughing at his jokes. Him making fun of how bad your jokes were. You guys talked about the tv shows you were into now. You just loved it so much, the way you could freely talk to each other.

As the food came you noticed it was different than normal. There were green tea ice cream flowers. And hearts. You looked down at the plate. You gasped. Around the rim it said: 

'Elzya, will you be my girlfriend?'

You looked back up at Cole. 

"They’re not real flowers, but I mean they’re edible at least?" He said with a cheeky nervous smile. 

You grab a fork and aim for the flower. “I’ve been wanting to be your girlfriend since the day we met.”

"I thought you friendzoned me when we first met." He says laughing.

"Shut up I only wanted to play it cool."

Right now the boys were in Florida. You wish you could’ve been there but you lived across the country so it was impossible for you to make it. 

You heard your phone ring and pick it up.

"Hey love." You hear cole’s voice say.

"Hey.. I was just thinking about you." You say back.

"I know it’s hard to get someone like me out of your mind huh" He says jokingly. 

"You’re sooo funny." You say cracking a smile. 

"You know I miss you a lot.." He says.

"I miss you too.." You say looking down sadly. 

"I know, that’s why you should turn around." What?

You turned around and saw Cole walking through your bedroom door.

"COLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???" You run up to him hugging him. You were excited he was here but was confused as to why.

"I thought I’d come visit you." He said with a smirk.

"Don’t you have a concert tonight?" You ask. 

"Yea." He says still smirking.

"IN FLORIDA?" You give him that look like uh how are you here then.


"Then why? How? What??" You say all confused.

"Well I just thought maybe I could come pick you up. Your parents already said yes" You were so happy and surprised. 

You excitedly jumped and kissed him. It was kept going on and on until you heard a beep. You break apart and Cole looks at his watch. “We have to go now to make it back to Florida.”

As you guys sit on the plane there you wonder, “How did you know that I really wanted to see you?”

"1. I’m your boyfriend I should know. 2. I’ve seen your tumblr and all those pictures of me you reblogged." He said his smile turning into a smirk.

Your face started to turn red. “NO, HOW DO YOU KNOW IT?” You say embarassed.

"Will." He says 

"Oh my god I’m so embarassed." You say with your heads in your hands.

"Don’t worry it’s cute." He said giving you a kiss on your head.

anonymous said:

You have a trulyy amazing body why are you gay

i gotta hook you up with the anon who was giving me shit for saying “y’all”