semperfisoldier asked:

Are there any storyline in ASOIAF you just don't care about or they just don't interest you?

uhm… i love the wholes series way too much to have any storylines that don’t interest me cause i want to know EVERYTHING, but the ones i care less about than most others probably are

- bran (idk.. that whole tree thing just got a bit too weird imo)
- davos (i just can’t bring myself to really care about what happens to him?)
- arya after asos
- most greyjoys except for asha and theon
- essos, it’s not even that i don’t find it interesting but everytime grrm decribes something across the narrow sea i’m just like YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME WHAT WAS GOING ON IN KINGS LANDING OR ANYWHERE IN THE SEVEN KINGDOMS INSTEAD. YOU HAVE LIMITED PAGES HOW MUCH BIGGER DO YOU WANT THIS STORY TO BECOME.

i believe those were the only storylines where i could shut my book and calmly do other things for awhile without feeling the urge to read on immediately?

storylines i wish we had more of though:

- what’s going on in highgarden. GIVE ME A TYRELL. I NEED A TYRELL.
- where is the entire biography in full detail of casterly rock and everyone who ever lived there
- also myrcella.
- lots of myrcella. lannister. myrcella lannister.

trulyilluminating replied to your post: I seriously can’t believe it. Besides that onLY 9…

Good luck with this boy :) Hope it works out.

Awww thank you!! I hope it works out, as well!!! And damn it I really like him aaaaaaaand hopefully he’ll read the card in a matter of days, like Wednesday or Thursday, he’s going in a religious mission/assignment thing to go to be with poor people and be with them for a week, and the thing about the letter is that other people, usually friends, send him letters about how special he is for them and everything, and between all those letters, mine will be tHERE, AND HE’LL READ IT AND OMG, GETTING NERVOUS AGAIN…..