#trulycommitted day 20. OK so this wasn’t actually going to be my fav CLEAN treat post, but it’s certainly up there! First time I made it and will be having it again that’s for sure!! Wholemeal roll with wasabi and piri piri dip, chicken, avocado, boiled egg, lemon juice, pepper, honey and natural yoghurt:) All set now for some weights and Body Attack!!:) #letsgo #getthatbootytothegym #challenge #cleaneats #trulycommittedinjuly

We’ve got work to do!! Not proud of my Day 1 body shots.. but this is only the START!! :)

#trulycommitted @trulyjess day 1: Stuck to my goals… Food was on track.. Made a birthday cake to take to work and I didn’t even eat any Nutella icing #proud I’m not going to have any cake tomorrow. I’m stronger than that. Drank loads of water:) Workout was super tough.. Was soo hot in the workout room.. All energy was sapped from us.. But I pushed through:)

@Trulyjess Wow!!! This evening was a tough one emotionally… I had step class and I couldn’t concentrate so I messed up SO many times… Which left me feeling even worse.. I wanted to give up and eat unhealthy food, but thanks to #trulycommitted I DIDN’T :) Instead I ran FAST on the treadmill… And felt SO much better afterwards.. Thanks for helping me stay on track guys.. You’re AWESOME:) <3 #trulycommittedinjuly #fitblr #letsgo #fitfam #fitness #getthatbootytothegym