Just in case you need a reminder today of how much God loves you…a quote from Desire of Ages, page 57.

" “That the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.” In the light of the Saviour’s life, the hearts of all, even from the Creator to the prince of darkness, are revealed. Satan has represented God as selfish and oppressive, as claiming all, and giving nothing, as requiring the service of His creatures for His own glory, and making no sacrifice for their good. But the gift of Christ reveals the Father’s heart. It testifies that the thoughts of God toward us are “thoughts of peace, and not of evil.” Jeremiah 29:11. It declares that while God’s hatred of sin is as strong as death, His love for the sinner is stronger than death. Having undertaken our redemption, He will spare nothing, however dear, which is necessary to the completion of His work. No truth essential to our salvation is withheld, no miracle of mercy is neglected, no divine agency is left unemployed. Favor is heaped upon favor, gift upon gift. The whole treasury of heaven is open to those He seeks to save. Having collected the riches of the universe, and laid open the resources of infinite power, He gives them all into the hands of Christ, and says, All these are for man. Use these gifts to convince him that there is no love greater than Mine in earth or heaven. His greatest happiness will be found in loving Me."

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Not All Christians Want to Live Free

Not all Christians have been set free.  They have merely moved from a slavery of self to a slavery of self-denial.

To many Christians, phrases like “self-esteem,” “self-worth,” “self-value,” and “becoming more” are dangerous.  To them, they reek of selfishness and work against Jesus’ message of dying to self.  Do they?

When Jesus told us to take up our cross daily, He didn’t say to stop there. He told us to follow Him.  Perhaps I have a different Bible than most, but when I follow Jesus through the Gospels, He doesn’t stop at the cross.  He continues on to the Resurrection.

Let’s be clear.  The cross announces my death.  I can no longer live for myself and be selfish.  But to stop here is to limit your Christianity.  To stop hear is to preach a message of death.  To stop hear is to teach others that they are, like you, a mistake.  That God is ashamed of what man has become and wants to wipe every single soul off the face of the planet.  Under this view, Christians are the leaders of this new miserable creature called the human.

But what if we followed Jesus three days longer?  What if we continued from the cross to the empty grave?  From Friday to Sunday?  From death to life?  I think we would find a message that says we are more than we want to believe we are.  We are not a mistake, but perfectly created to fulfill the call God has placed on our lives.  That we indeed have value, worth, and esteem.  That we have reason to have confidence in ourselves as children of God.  

Is this a dangerous message?  Yes.  But not for the believer.  This is a message that endangers the world, the powers that rule it, and the comfortable “status quo.”

Jesus wants us to be liberated—even from, if necessary, “Christianity.”  His message wasn’t die and stay there.  It was die so you can live.  Today.  Right now.

Today, and it breaks my heart to say it, finding a homeless person who has died of cold, is not news. Today, the news is scandals, that is news, but the many children who don’t have food - that’s not news. This is grave. We can’t rest easy while things are this way.
—  Pope Francis

Don’t be afraid of the persecution of Christians you’re seeing, or of being persecuted, not for any wrong you do, but for proclaiming the Truth of Jesus Christ. This is meant to happen and will continue to happen in a deceived world until He returns and everything is made new. Trust God. Don’t be afraid to speak Truth and don’t be deceived. Many will tell you “truth is relative”, it’s false and lie straight from the enemy. Love people, love God, and preach the Truth of His mercy, grave, and forgiveness to repentant sinners. We all are born into sin, but we don’t have to die in it. Turn from sin and turn to God. That is True life. #truechristianity #trust #truth #jesuschrist #sin #death #repent #localmusic #love #peace #bestfriends #darling #houston #kind #patience #paleo #evil #deceit #trustGod

In order successfully to carry forward the work to which they had been called, these disciples, differing so widely in natural characteristics, in training, and in habits of life, needed to come into unity of feeling, thought, and action. This unity it was #Christ’s object to secure. #Education, p. 86.

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Real Christianity is loving the downcast and the homeless, the bruised and the broken, the sick and the unwanted. Many times we want God to move, but then we pass by the very people He wants to touch, without a second glance. As a church we don’t need more faith, we need more action. God wants to do miracles and show His love for people, will you let Him move through you?
—  Acquire the Fire
The difference

What a lot of people will see in a Christian is intolerance and judgement. What they see are people who say they’re a Christian. A true Christian won’t ever judge you, won’t ever say they hate you, and will love you unconditionally. We don’t hate gays, we love all people. Just because we follow what Heavenly Father wills, it doesn’t make us intolerant. That makes as much sense as me saying to you “You believe in gay marriage!? Disgusting!” I don’t think that. It’s sinful, but how much more perfect am I than you? I’m a sinner as well, but I live as close to His will as I can, and if I trip or stumble, I immediately get up and know I’m forgiven. I love anyone who ever reads this. Know that.

“Today’s Thought
The more I hear and believe God’s grace for me, the more wrong beliefs are uprooted in my life, and the more I shall experience victory supernaturally.”

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So I'm behind already..

Yeah…I made a New Year’s resolution to produce 10,000 words a month, and this is my first post of the new year. But I’m not going to beat myself up over it…the point is that I want to get the writing juices flowing again. I maintained a blog for about two years over in the graveyard that blogspot used to be, and lately I’ve been missing it. 

So I’m going to start writing here….I have no idea who will read this at this point (if anybody). Maybe once I get back in the groove enough that I am writing things that I am proud of I will find a way to publish a little more publicly. But for now, this may be just for me. It’s part of a general desire to develop more mentally engaging hobbies; to produce an output rather than just passively absorbing media (television, podcasts, books).

So much changed for me last year. I was married last January to the most amazing person I’ve ever met. She inspires me to be a better person, and she is a big reason why I’m sitting here writing right now. She pushes me to be better, to be more than I am, in such a loving and supportive way. I want to make her proud…I know I’m proud to be her husband.

I also have been on a spiritual quest for the last year or more. I was raised in a fundamental Baptist church, and that’s the only spiritual reality I’ve ever known. But something happened about eighteen months or so ago (that I may or may not get into at some point) that sort of reinforced some feelings and beliefs that had already been taking root for a while. Maybe I will get into some of that here, but the bottom line is that while I’m not disillusioned with Christ, I’m definitely disillusioned with the church and many that call themselves Christian.

What I’ve landed on spiritually has become my “mantra” I guess…at least it’s something that I repeat to myself many times a day: A.T.M.

A - Acknowledge. Originally, this was just “Acknowledge God, the Creator, every day”, but that sort is sort of what “T” is about, so now it’s more just a general desire to step out of myself and try to look at things from a less selfish perspective. Stop thinking about people and things only in relation to myself and start thinking about them as individual entities. I know that sounds simple, but it is something I have to remind myself of…we are all telling our own stories, but other people aren’t just bit players in my own life. As I type that, I realize that it is something that shouldn’t be something I have to think about, but I guess that’s the point. I want to be less selfish.

T - Thankfulness.  I want to take time every single day to be thankful for the life I have been blessed with. It’s not perfect, but whose is? I just know that I have so much to be thankful for, and I am finding that taking extra time out of my day every day to think about all of the good things in my life, things that God didn’t HAVE to bless me with, it changes my outlook. My job, for example, can be a source of stress and frustration, but I have a JOB…a stable source of income that I don’t have to worry about disappearing next week. That shouldn’t be taken for granted. If I started to list everything I’m thankful for, I could probably hit my 10K word goal pretty quickly…but maybe I’ll save some of that for future posts.

M - Make people’s day BETTER. I want every person I interact with to walk away from that interaction feeling a little better than they did before. This was actually inspired by somebody I know I am going to write more about…Ron the Janitor. This guy works at my office, mostly cleaning bathrooms, replacing towels, cleaning door windows, etc….and he is the happiest person I think I’ve ever met. He goes out of his way to encourage every single person that talks to him, and it’s impossible not to be in a better mood once you start talking to him. THAT’S who I want to be.

So…this wasn’t necessarily going to be all about my trying to rediscover my spiritual identity, but that’s what came out. We’ll see where this thing goes tomorrow.

“When people ask me what it looks like to follow Jesus, I usually say that following Him looks like dealing with all of the issues everyone else does—disappointments, tremendous joy, uncertainty, the whole bit—and having your mind change all the time as you learn how Jesus would’ve dealt with things. Following Jesus is about having your paradigms shift as you navigate a wide range of emotions while living the big life Jesus invites us into. Because I know Jesus, where I once thought of things in one way, now I think of them in another way. It happens all the time, every day.” #mexturesapp #mexturesapp #LoveDoes #TrueChristianity