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When he wakes, it's in a hospital bed; for a moment, he panics, and recognizes quickly the familiar walls of her clinic. He doesn't move. He doesn't need to, to know that he shouldn't, that he's still wounded, that his injuries need time to heal. It's a pity that he doesn't have as much time as he needs. He catches sight of her (her hair, really; he could always spot it a mile away) and smiles to himself, wondering if he'd made a poor move in coming in that night. "Hey. Got any water?"

          The other had been put under anesthesia as the pain would be too much to handle either way. The stab wound on his right thigh was quite deep, and irrigation, disinfection and sewing were done right after, by her own hands. The male doctor had tended to the minor cuts, helped clean him up from all the blood. Later on her suspicion became true- the blood on the white shirt was not his. That thought was troubling as different scenarios went through the mind of the woman, mostly dark and concerning ones and pushing them aside took some time. It was a well known fact that Iruka was a mysterious man, one who kept many things to himself but who yet again managed to open up and show his different sides. Anyone could tell that he had gotten in trouble, a fight that went wrong, very wrong.

          Knowing all of those things it was only normal for her to have a conversation with the other male, making sure that this little thing would stay between them. Luckily, he was a man of trust.

          Her shift had ended hours ago but leaving was not an option, not when the brown haired male was not awake yet. Excuses were given in order to stay longer, and she truly did check up on other patients, had kept herself busy but would visit his room every thirty minutes, just in case of a change.

          This was her fifth visit, though this time she entered the room, pulling up a chair beside the bed and sitting down. The new group of doctors and nurses have come, if they need her for something her pager would let her know. Inhaling deeply, Sakura watched the other laying helpless on the bed, with eyes closed, chest moving up and down slowly. The bruise on his face kept catching her attention. Biting her bottom lip, she leaned in and gently pressed her fingertips on it, tracing down his jaw line, feeling the beat of her heart increasing. Was it wrong? To be touching an unconscious man, to be invading his privacy in such a manner. Perhaps, but it did not matter at the moment. His stumble was felt, slightly poking her skin, causing lips to curve into a smile. What an attractive man.


          Leaning back into the chair, she opened up the crime novel in her lap, continuing from the page she had last read. That genre has always been her favorite. Unaware of how much time had passed, the sound of his voice caused her to flinch, visibly. Eyes widen as a wide smile spread across pale lips, a huge burden being taken off her chest.

                    “You’re awake..”

          A nod of the head followed as anatomy raised from the chair, feet carrying her to the water cooler, then back to him with the plastic cup in hands. Moving the cup closer to him, leaning it on her bottom lip, she helped him drink before pulling away.

                    “How do you feel?”

I’m in a bit of a down mood and I don’t wanna see my friends and be a downer.

I’m feeling a bit bleh about some things, one particular person in mind. I’m seeing JUST MEG next week for the first time in ages and I think it’ll be nice to ramble it all out with her if the opportunity arises.

Anyway, I’m cooking food and monging about watching True Blood until I have to leave to meet said friends.

Being clean and in clean PJS and air drying my hair is the best! :)

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Is it wrong to hope for a True Blood style ending, where we don't know the identity of the future partner of either Kurt or Blaine?

I’d be happy with that as long as they establish that they are not with each other. If they do not at least make that known people would just automatically assume they’re with each other.

Looking for a fandom Roleplay Buddie

16th Nov 2014 | 1 note                   

Name: Jessica fandom Preferred rp medium: Email Contact information:

There might be more that I just can’t think of at the moment my crushes are in these () I only rp in doubles so you play your own oc and my crush and I will play your crush and my own oc


TV and  Movies

True blood  (Godric)

Game of Thrones(Robb stark)

American Horror Stories FreakShow(Jimmy Darling)

Gotham(James Gordon, Penguin or Edward Nygma)

Constantine(John Constantine)

The  Avengers(Steve Rogers)

Boondock Saints (Murphy)

The Walking  Dead(Daryl)



Sons  of anarchy any  season(chibs)

X-men(Logan or Victor creed)

Law& order(Elliot  Stabler or Chester Lake)

criminal minds(Spencer Reid)

Ghost Adventures(Zak  Bagans)

Dog and Beth on the hunt/Dog the bounty Hunter(Leland  chapman)

Lord of the  Rings(Legolas)

Pirates of the Caribbean(Will Truner)

Anime Wolf’s  Rain(Tsume)

Fullmetal Alchemist(Roy)

One  Piece(Zoro)


Yu yu  hakusho(hiei)

Creepypasta(laughing Jack)

Teen  Titans(Speedy)


The Band List.

Asking  Alexandria(Ben)

Escape the fate(Craig)

Tokio Hotel

Bullet For My Valentine(Matt  tuck)

HIM(ville valo)

The 69 Eyes

Pierce The  Veil

Sleeping with sirens 


The Dreaming

My Darkest Day

Framing  Hanley(kenith Nixon)

Candlelight red

black veil  brides


All that remains

All Time  low



Falling In Reverse 

Of Mice & Men

Snow White’s Poison Bite 

Senses fail a day to remember

black tide

and many more bands

  Rules & Information
Grammar and style; Grammar and spelling isn’t an issue as long as I know that your trying to say we should be fine but I will not except one liners I RP in third person and paragraph form only I can’t deal with one liners any more but I will not except novel style ether I just can’t match that I like one or two paragraphs per side but if you write more that’s fine just understand I may not match your length but I will do my vary best to try also know that with grammar my brain only understands capital letters and periods so if you have perfect grammar and punctuation or none at all it will read the exact same way to me.
Love interests and Other Character; I don’t mind having outside characters and or multiple love interests cause I love drama and all he fun things that come with it
Smuts and other things; I’m more than willing to smut and full lemons and I’m more than willing to do a lot of it I’m willing to do things relating to abuse, violence, gore, death, etc as well and really I have almost no limits but I WILL NOT do any pedophilia or beastiality
Messages and Replies; pleas take your time there is no need to send rushed replies I will not bother you about it I’m on all the time cause I have no life off the internet but I know most others have busy lives so I will give you a week before asking about replies
Attitude and Fairness; Keep things fair make sure that both sides and if I’m doing something on your side of the rp that you don’t think works for the idea you have in mind for the plot on your end tell me I will be happy to talk and adjust things to something you find is more of what you had in mind
Terminating an RP; If you no longer wish to roleplay with me then pleas tell me don’t just ignore me I find it rather rude cause if I have to stop the rp I will let you know
Everything Else; I don’t mind doing more than one roleplay at a time I don’t mind if you just want to talk on the side lines or in another message in fact I encourage outside talks and getting to know my partners.

wow the opening titles of True Detective are so good I’ve never loved titles so much since True Blood

Today's subject: Arcueid Brunestud [Person, True Ancestor]

Source: Melty Blood Act Cadenza PS2 Manual (2006-08-10), p.059
Tsukihime Dictionary


Royalty of the True Ancestors. The Last Princess.

Though she has no ties to Japan herself, she came to Misaki in pursuit of a certain vampire.

She is a True Ancestor, born in the 12th Century for the sole purpose of hunting those True Ancestors that had fallen and become demon lords. She was originally an existence with no use for emotions, but after meeting Tohno Shiki her state of mind changed dramatically. It’s similar to a broken machine that just isn’t quite the same when you put it back together, probably. (Of course, that’s leaving aside the question of whether or not she gained a new function or lost an old one…)

At any rate, the pure and noble vampire princess was, through some mistake, reborn as a carefree, airheaded funny vamp.

As the bastard child of the planet, her powers are totally ridiculous. Even sunlight just makes her feel a little listless, and the source of her energy supply is the earth itself.


She’s been mentioned a few times already in this blog!


Out of the Tsukihime heroines Arcueid is probably the one with the most publicity, and as far as the setting goes she’s definitely one of the strongest characters.

The baby vamps have a much-needed heart-to-heart-to-heart about their respective and varyingly established girlfriends; the older three talk less and touch more.

Part three, “Superstar” / curious shapes…

Fun Thoughts about Carmilla and Laura at Fangtasia:

  • Carmilla working the pole in her leather pants and corset top while Laura pretends not to watch
  • Carmilla drinking True Blood through a straw
  • Laura scoping out the Viking artifacts in Eric’s office while Carmilla pretends to be bored but actually wants to make out
  • Carmilla threatening to lock up Laura in Fangtasia’s basement
  • Laura trying to bond with Ginger but instead scaring her with talk of ‘brain worms’
  • Pam hitting on Laura while Carmilla glares death eyes
  • Carmilla standing next to Laura growling “She is mine.”

Want a good laugh?? Here you go lmfao


Impersonating my sister lol…. yeah I got really bored lol

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Fill this in with stuff about you

  • Age: 19
  • Where I’m from: South Louisiana
  • Where I would like to live: …almost anywhere but america
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
  • Single/taken: Single…still
  • Favourite book(s): The MAXIMUM RIDE series
  • Favourite movie: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2…fuck you
  • Favourite TV show: True Blood
  • Favourite band/singer: …idk
  • Favourite day of the year: PAY DAY!
  • Favourite colour: Black
  • What I’m listening to right now: Random noises in my dorm
  • Last movie I’ve watched: Catching Fire
  • Favourite male character from a TV show: Jason Stackhouse
  • Favourite female character from a TV show: Tara Thorton
  • What my name means: Something stupid, probably
  • Favourite superhero: Me
  • Favourite Celebrity: Me