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「たからもの【ナルヒナ】」/「桜庭ちづる」の漫画 [pixiv] [source]

These are the eighth and eleventh pictures.

surviving-the-hiatus asked:

I wondering if you knew of any really good AU 3B fics? like ones where Neal is alive?

Yes! 3B AUs are my jam, here are a few I’ve really enjoyed:

Time Strangers by Phoenixfeatherquill (and the the s4 sequel, Stranger Times!). It picks up in the finale, with Neal going back in time with Emma.

Courage of the Stars by TakadaSaiko. Instead of opening the vault of the dark one, Neal and Belle find a spell he uses to travel back in time, landing him in Storybrooke mid-S2.

Bent by DSBjellydonuts. This one is more of a fix it fic than a 3B AU— all of 3B happens, but Emma finds a way to bring Neal back. 

(and idk but shameless self-promotion if anyone’s interested— I’m currently writing an AU called Fall Back Together that picks up during the New Neverland and deals with Emma and Neal dealing with their shit and i haven’t updated it in forever and a day but i swear IT’S COMING THIS WEEK.)

If anyone has any other recs, let me know!

hey fi all this worldbuilding is your fault

The administerrorist, a tealblood this time, sighs and hands back the ID, then starts flicking through your report without looking at you. “You’re going to have to take that over to M&C,” he says, voice a bored drawl.

You place your hands on his desk and wait for him to get to your signature.

He pales when he does, and darts a glance up to you. “I- I’ll send it over,” he says, reaching for the ID while trying to make it look like he’s doing nothing at all.

You place a finger on the ID and give him your best friendly smile. He goes even paler. “Well, I happen to feel like a walk,” you say, and lean in. “Stop sendin’ me greens. Blues an’ above. Got it?”

The tealblood swallows. “I-”

“Good lad,” you say, snide, and pocket the ID.

“I can’t!” he says, in utter misery, stopping you mid-turn. You look back, just as one of the other poor idiots stuck in this box peeks over their dividing wall, curious as to what’s going on. “Sierah, we can’t allocate postings, right?” he asks her, desperate to not have your displeasure focussed on him.

Sierah shrugs at you. “Sorry, Fins, we’re just glorified data entry.”

You stare at her. She bites her lip and disappears behind her wall again.

“Sorry,” your tealblood says, and wilts. “I mean, I can list any particular positions you have open for P&T to review, but I don’t- I can’t make requests.” Helplessly, he adds, “They were going to merge our systems next dim season?”

You sigh and rub your temples. There’s a reason you serve the Empire with the sword, and not the pen.

Stage 1: I don’t ship it
Stage 2: They’re kind of cute together actually
—  the stages of being a shipper